Thursday, November 17, 2011


Obama is now in the final act of his performance, and is singing his swan song. It is meant to elicit pity, for that's all the appeal he ever had.
He has performed from the beginning, as a swan, with much aplomb and support from a fawning press.

This communist press has finally come to life recently, and has engaged in the activities they are conscripted to do for the Obama "regime". They have begun the attack campaigns against the opposing Presidential candidates. They have devoted their entire resources to exhuming anything that could be considered embarrassing to these candidates. And they have embellished whatever facts they found to make them even more salacious.
Salacious sells, as the Communist Media of America (CMA) has discovered. Without the salacious details in every report, their readers would not have enough imagination to envision any ideas other than the printed images on the page. With the Democrat Party in power in the Congress and the White House, the CMA can practically retire to a beach in the Virgin Islands for the duration, and occasionally write an article that resembles a report which indicates there has been a little effort put into research.
Once the Republicans take the majority in Congress and the White House, they are forced into their chosen professions, to perform similar to a professional. And this irritates them to the point that every report drips with indignation.

The "Occupy" protesters in every city are there for the purpose of creating enough chaos to overwhelm the local police, and require enlisting the National Guard to reinforce the local police.
This action was always been suspected about this regime, since the regime leader (Barrack Obama) has always hinted that he intended to authorize martial law to establish his supremacy. The corruption, now being uncovered by members of Congress and the Conservative media, indicates that funds from the Democrat Party have been channeled to these "protesters" to finance their operations.
In short, it's a jihad against America by the Democrat Party Cell that has been working underground for many years, preparing for the eventual overthrow of the Republic from within the government. Many have written of the intended imposition of Martial Law from this regime. The organized protests now taking place have only to introduce a few pistols and assault rifles into their camps to cause the stimulus needed for Federal action. This would satisfy the Obama Regimes ultimate desire to remove the glove from it's iron fist.

The price America has paid for this abysmal performance surpasses any terrorist attack or war America has ever engaged in. And America will have more payments to make after the swan has died.

Monday, October 17, 2011


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Communists; Plain and simple.
The protesters of OWS (Occupy Wall Street)are Obama's people, and he's claiming them.
Obama nor Michelle, never cared for America enough to find out WHAT America really was about. They never liked America or it's government, and intended to mold it into their distorted vision from the beginning. That was the sole purpose for attending Reverend Wrights Church of American Hatred for 20 years.
Michelle and Barrack have exposed their inner most hatred for America, and a large portion of the electorate have let it pass without comment. Those that did comment, have been branded racist for pointing out Barracks and Michelle's racist comments and attitudes.
And thanks to Barrack, racism is getting worse because of his racist actions and convictions. How plainly do they have to state their hatred for America and its heritage before you start to take notice?

Clearly, a dominant Democrat Congress won the battle for the White House, not Barrack. He just rode the wave of fomented hatred toward Bush.

Isn't it clear to everyone by now, that these Bolsheviks will say and do anything to promote their communist agenda, even if they contradict themselves in the same sentence?

Thank you Dr. Hanson, for detailing the obvious agenda of these Bolsheviks, and giving the credit to the many who spoke and wrote about this potential disaster prior to his coronation.

Friday, October 7, 2011


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Recent activity by the DLPSP (Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist Party) clearly indicates that Party's intention to keep the majority of its constituents in a dependent state of subsistence. They have even gone to the extreme of changing the rules of the Senate to accommodate their legislative process without possibility of protest.
The latest move in Congress has the effect of eliminating debate on issues to be voted upon that would be implemented as Federal Laws. This makes it possible for the DLPSP to expedite whatever they deem as their agenda, get it voted on without debate, and sent to the President for approval in a much faster fashion without having the opposing Party being able to stall the legislation for more research and discussion before being voted upon.

This is the exact same action taking place in other foreign countries where there is no form of Democratic government.
This action makes it perfectly clear the DLPSP has no intention to rule in accordance with the U.S. Constitution in mind, and ultimately intends to keep its constituents in a subordinate position where they are totally dependent on whatever the DLPSP deems them deserving to be entitled with. This same Party is employing the assistance of labor unions and other insurrectionary organizations.

The CMA (Communist Media of America) is complicit in this agenda, as they are attacking Presidential candidates with racial innuendo to attempt to paint them as false representatives for their political platforms. This same media has kept much of the news of opposition and corruption as quiet as possible, while blasting at the highest volume, their own incriminating innuendo and slurs to try to discredit any opposing opinion. Their current employee in the White House, is such an embarrassment to them and the Nation, they refuse to ask any pertinent questions that would expose his ignorance and incompetence

Recent activity in several U.S. cities is useful to this same regime for action during the electoral process in late 2012. Popular suspicion has always stated that this regime intends to foment enough dissension to justify the imposition of Martial Law to manage all unrest, and control, or even cancel, attendance at the voting booths in November. Intimidation is one of the favorite tools of the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist Party.

There is no need to say "we shall see", or "maybe". We have witnessed enough of this anarchy to prove it is their ultimate agenda. And they have illustrated that they will stop at nothing, which is ample evidence of itself.

[The following link takes you to a YouTube cartoon video, from 50 years ago, about why Socialism is dangerous to the United States:]


Obama is proving the theory that having a lot of money doesn't necessarily translate into having any intelligence or common sense. Nor can it purchase the intelligence or common sense that you need to survive being placed into a position of immense responsibility.
He has proven that he always was, and still remains, an empty canvas on which anyone with the influence could paint whatever they wanted. He was always such a timid and unassertive pupil, and that was exactly what attracted his mentors who wanted to form him into the weapon he has become.

He was raised as a white boy by white foster parents, and spent 20 years in Reverend Wrights church learning how to become a racist black man. This gave him the tools he needed to utilize the black racial empowerment and benefits bestowed by the Federal Government.
The most obvious disconnect is that he constantly desecrates the Capitalist system, while utilizing Capitalism to gain his own power and influence.
Obama constantly tells his followers how disadvantaged they are, but, he will not subject himself to any of the same disadvantages or inconveniences his faithful have to live with. And considering all the resistance he gave to any of George Bush's policies, he sure looks like the ultimate hypocrite while he continues utilizing the same policy techniques that the Bush Administration implemented.

From all indications of Obama's past associations, he must have been confused about whether he was black or white, and this subject was thoroughly discussed to determine which race identity he would use to get the most benefit. And obviously, he chose the black half of his heritage.
To date, he has completely abandoned his white heritage and all white relatives on the white side of his family. This indicates what a racial zealot he truly is.

A multitude of the American People knew this about him before he was elected President. Many said so in conversations, and many wrote about this in daily news and blog posts. But many, from the racial industry sector of the American populace, would not listen and branded these detractors as racists. And therefore, indicated what racists they were and intended to remain.
Few had a glimmer of hope that he would bring some racial harmony, but alas, he has only created deeper contempt. And continues his crusade to keep the American People divided along racial lines.

Friday, September 23, 2011


After the Republican debate last night, what's it going to be?
We'll either have the best educated, unemployable, illegal immigrants in the World with Perry, or the healthiest, uneducated, under-employed fat slobs in the World, with Romney.
With Obama the USA becomes the richest dictatorship in the world with the most healthy, uneducated, illegal, dissident, ghettoized, welfare recipients. With free tattoos and body piercings for his faithful followers.
It's going to be another tough choice. I hope the CMA (Communist Media of America) can sort it all out for us before the voting booths open.
After all; Americans are already too stupid to pick a President that will defend their nation and it's borders, and be faithful to his Oath of Office.
America made history when they elected the first Kenyan as President.
What will be the next experiment?

Sunday, September 18, 2011


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More is being written about the sales of weapons to Mexican gangs and the American Agencies and individuals involved in this covert activity.

"Gunwalker" and "Fast and Furious" are names given to this activity, and used by the U.S. Congress in their "token" and superficial hearings on this covert program.

Having worked for, and know typical scenarios, ( outside law enforcement ) of the U.S. government, I would give much credence to the Cloward-Piven objective.
What branch of government, agency or office has NOT been corrupted under the current Regime? Outside the House of Representatives, all agencies have taken on a rogue attitude, and function only as an extension of the Regime. We have Obama’s own words, stated many times, that he wants to “fundamentally change our government”. He has illustrated he intends to fulfill this objective, and this thread is the most consistent in his policies.

It appears, to me, that no one wanted their “finger prints” on any facet of this operation; Typical "standard operating procedure" of subversive, covert, operations performed by members of the administration of government agencies. This is why the “operation” has not succeeded in it’s most important role; Secrecy. In situations like these, directives are given with enough ambiguity as to be deemed “non-credible”, or “misinterpreted”, with any attempt to apply a precise objective to the directives.
The American Electorate has learned there are always ulterior political motives behind every action of the Obama Regime.

If it weren’t for the abject corruption rampant in the current Regime in Washington, Special Prosecutors would be overwhelmed with serving subpoenas and conducting hearings on practically every activity this Regime has been involved in. I sincerely hope this endeavor will be implemented by the next administration.
Pelosi was right; “WE have to drain the swamp”.

Where is the condemnation of The Hague or the U.N.? Why are there no cries of threats to sovereignty from Mexico’s President?

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Here are several foreboding articles that tell what a multitude of people have been saying about Barrack Hussein Obama for more than 6 years. 

And more recently, there's been discussion about activating our National Guard to quell public reaction to his Party's dictatorship. Actually, calling on the Public Sector Unions would accomplish the same result, and Obama has already shown his support for them in the Wisconsin demonstrations, and told them to "get in their faces". They would all take their commands from the same source, and have the same authority bestowed on them. The Public Sector Unions could be a tool to inflame more civil unrest to justify a National Guard response.
Even though I am not a survivor of Communism or any communist country, I knew Obama was a dictator when I first heard him speak. He intends to take America into a communist type of government through the ignorance and complicity of the Democrat Party and the Radical Liberals that have been infiltrating Our Government for the last 60 years.
California is an exemplary model of the future of America if the Radical Liberals get their wish. The state has more parasites living off of the states welfare programs than any other state in the Union. They are reinforcing the parasitic mindset through their soft enforcement of immigration laws and criminal prosecution.
There have been some positive results in elections since the fall of 2010, but, these results can be erased by the Commander In Chief through more of his unilateral action and decrees. It would not be the first time he has taken action above and beyond his authority, or contrary to his Oath of Office.
Here's another view of the President and First Lady at a ceremony for the 9/11 Commemoration:

How is it that the United States has such poor, disrespectful individuals representing her at this time?

"Radicalism" seems to be in vogue. If you're not "radical", you're not part of the "Obama Movement". Their actions and statements are meant to inflame unrest and discontent, which plays into their scheme to commandeer the country and create their supremacy.
They have illustrated, many times, they do not intend to rule with the intentions of the electorate in mind. They have blatantly enriched themselves, while harshly criticizing the people and entities that have become rich through their own altruism, hard labor, and entrepreneurialism.

To date, they have accomplished a bloodless coup over a nation that has been a benefactor to every nation and nationality on earth.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
George Orwell.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


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I must say; You people saying Palin won't make a good President are showing how foolish you are.
Tim Groseclose,PhD, has research in his book "Left Turn" that verifies my statement.
First of all, this is only a nomination. This puts her in the spotlight with all the other candidates that will define and refine the platforms that will expose and slay the corrupt, incompetent Regime in the White House today. Palin can only add to the voices that are condemning Obama's lack of leadership, failing policies, corrupt associates, un-Constitutional actions, and economic ignorance.
The more being broadcast, the better.
Secondly, she will keep the media busy with their hate machine gearing up, and the media will be upset about not being able to follow The Dufus and his family around the planet at taxpayer expense.
You are providing the media with proof that they can sway your thinking to their agenda.

Do you think President Dufus represents YOU at all?
He's representing himself. Period. He knows he's made history already, and he really doesn't care if he gets another term, because a second term would not make that much difference. He'd be more lame and inconsequential the second time around.
And can't you imagine him completely abandoning the White House for more private living quarters somewhere else out of the eyesight and earshot of the American People who should be privileged to his whereabouts? All at more exorbitant taxpayer expense?
If you are that gullible, you deserve President Dufus and his merry men, and all it's going to cost you to have him in office.

It's really hard for me to believe the U.S. media has made so many fools of the American People with their tabloid trash mentality.
Read Dr. Groseclose's research that proves the media's bias in his new book "Left Turn".


(Click on article title for a discussion of the latest Circuit Court decision on ObamaCare).
Let us examine the travesty which is being forced upon the American Citizen, known as ObamaCare, in some detail.
This legislation has the effect of taking over one of the largest and most critical industries in the world today known as "healthcare".
This legislation bases it's legitimacy to tax every American Citizen from birth, on the fact that, at some point in every Citizens life, healthcare will be needed and used.
If the establishment of ObamaCare is completed, it will be the most successful seizure of any industry by a government entity in the history of mankind.
ObamaCare would establish the entire healthcare industry as a U.S. Government Agency, empowered with the administration of health care to every person within the borders of the United States. But, although every citizen would be required to pay into the Health Care Fund, ANYONE within the borders of the United States would be granted health care whether they are Citizens or not.
ObamaCare establishes the American Citizen as the only provider of funds for the Plan. This means the American Citizen is "taxed" for this Plan from birth, throughout their entire lives, whether they use it or not. Any "Head of Household" would be taxed for themselves and all dependents for administration of the ObamaCare program.
ObamaCare also requires all medical establishments to provide health care to any individual within U.S. borders whether they are a citizen or not. In other words; When you get medical attention any where in the U.S., you would not be required to submit any proof of Citizenship to show you have paid your ObamaCare Taxes. All healthcare would be administered as if you had the same health care insurance as any Citizen.
It can be easily seen what a disaster this will be to the entire health care industry.
Under ObamaCare, one day you have to provide proof of insurance to your doctor and pay a "deductible" or "co-pay" for medical attention, and the next day you are covered for any medical or dental care desired or needed, based on the fact that ObamaCare has taken over the entire medical industry, and commands that every person gets the healthcare they desire.
So, does this mean that you can get any health care or dental care you want? Absolutely not.
Since ALL healthcare is provided on a first come first served basis, you will have to be put on a waiting list for your required or elective treatment. Additionally, whatever treatment you receive will be regulated by the ObamaCare Administration Agency, because the cost of many procedures will prohibit the use of many procedures from being fully implemented. This means you may only get a portion of many procedures you may require, rather than the complete procedure.
The ObamaCare Administration Agency shall decide which medical procedures shall be used in any given situation, and under what conditions.
This means you might have to wait in line at a specified clinic for an appendectomy. Not all medical facilities would be permitted to perform appendectomies, and each of these facilities would be only permitted to perform so many appendectomies per month. They would only be paid for "X" amount of appendectomies per month, and the rest they would have to perform at their own expense.

The ObamaCare Administration Agency would also determine if anyone was unable to pay, and was exempt from, the ObamaCare Tax.
Yes. Many Citizens would be exempt from paying the ObamaCare Tax based on inability to work, unavailability of work, disabilities, shortages in goods and services, and work stoppages. Many citizens would be exempt for life. Many would be exempt based on an income scale. And all non-citizens would be administered the exact same care as any Citizen, since anyone showing up at an emergency room or clinic gets the exact same treatment.
This means that health care shall be required to be administered to anyone, on an equal basis, regardless of ability to pay. You may not get the complete treatment required to eliminate the injury or disease, but you shall get the basic treatment permitted by the ObamaCare Administration Agency.
It is easy to see that, once ObamaCare is fully established, anyone coming into the United States, legal or otherwise, can get health care without the burden of being required to pay for any of it. ObamaCare will require all medical facilities to open their doors to every single person that requires or desires any medical attention.
It is easy to see that any student that chooses a medical profession, and wants to be paid a decent wage for their medical knowledge, ability, and training, will not find themselves getting adequate compensation for their professional abilities, but will be subjects and employees of the ObamaCare Administration Agency. Also, medical equipment manufacturers will be regulated as to which equipment they may manufacture, and in what quantity.

The establishment of the ObamaCare Administration Agency will be enacting a Democrat Autocracy the size of which, would equate to the entire nation of the United States. The "Agency" will require a manpower the size of the U.S. military to administer, and all medical personnel would be conscripted by the U.S. ObamaCare Administration Agency.

As Obama has said many times before; He wants to "fundamentally change" the United States of America, and this would make the United States the health care administration to the entire hemisphere. Which only certain "eligible Citizens" would be required to pay for.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Early in Obama's Chicago life, he approached a radical American Terrorist group that had already tried to bomb the Pentagon, known as the Weather Undergorund. He wanted to join their organization. So, they said, if he could go out and blow up a car, he'd be readily accepted into the clan.
He returned a few days later with blisters on his lips from a hot tailpipe. And the Weather Underground decided they had better things for this imbecile, so they got him into politics.
He's been a useful tool ever since.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Examining the photo of the "situation room" where Obama was sitting watching the event with his closest advisors and military, shows me that Obama was not in charge of this operation. He was a by-stander, since the military demanded their teams conduct the OP with their final conclusion to put the task to rest, once and for all.
After the time and expense put into chasing Bin Laden around the planet for ten years, and listening to him post audio's and videos of how he was going to command his mujahideen to create terror throughout the world, someone had the balls to call this time to be the last time they would come in contact with Bin Laden and let him escape for any reason.
And I'm also reassured in my theory, that this was the case, since Obama has done such a backward side step to appease the muslim world.
They handled Bin Ladens body with muslim customs, but, they're not sure THIS didn't offend the muslims.
And they're afraid that photo's of his dead body will offend muslims.
They can't make up their minds on exactly what will offend the muslims. but, they'll still do something stupid, anything, that they think will appease the muslims, without actually consulting any muslim leaders about what and what not to do about this situation.
Everything since the burial has been Obama's call. And it shows, since, there's been nothing but backtracking statements, conflicting testimony, and confusion about what policy to actuate, in order to show the maximun appeasement possible.
Obama has deep feelings and affection for muslims, and it is showing in his attempts to appease them with every action.
Appeasement will never work. It never has. But, the smartest President ever elected will not give up hope that HE has the POWER to convince muslims that centuries of murder, mayhem, and sacrifice, were not needed in order to live in peace with American infidels.
As if no one has ever thought of this tactic before!
Obama most assuredly has a personality disorder, thinking he has the power to interfere in the centuries old traditions of Islamic aggression.


This game the U.S. government and socialist media of the United States has been playing, is only resulting in the confusion of the intellectually challenged subjects that have been victimized by the U.S. education system for the last 5 decades.
My children had to attend public school indoctrination, but thankfully, my influence has given them enlightenment into the real world.
Being a product of private school myself, I am fully aware of the pathetic situation the U.S public education system has deteriorated into.
The students attending and graduating today, are more confused from their 'education' than they would be if they were left to their own method of enlightenment, and not forced to attend any 'indoctrination facility' sponsored by the federal or state governments.
Even the educators themselves, have been in this system long enough to inflict upon themselves the autonomic brainwashing techniques they employ on our children. The confusion emanating from our education establishments and our government and media, is exacting it's toll on the populace, and being looked upon by factions like the muslims, with great delight. For, while the United States wrings its hands over whether to publish a photo of a corpse of one of the most notorious terrorist architects of modern history, and is discussing whether there will be a "backlash" to the capture and killing of this renowned terror master, the muslim world is carrying on its everyday prayers and planning of bombing, pillaging, murdering, and brutalizing every infidel on the face of the earth, as if this event had never happened.
These proficient retards are getting extensive mileage out of the confusion they are publishing, while the rest of the world goes about its daily routine ignoring the dissonance of the American Infidels and their foolish rhetoric.
This complete lack of leadership, decision making, and self flagellation over what terms to use when reporting what is now being labelled as "news", is having it's effect on the populace. But, it is comforting to find articles and blogs by the few educated authors that have no fear of calling a "an omnivorous domesticated hoofed mammal with sparse bristly hair and a flat snout", the pig it really is.

Friday, April 8, 2011

America Sits Out World War III.

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Unfortunately, there is WWIII looming on the horizon. And what better theater than the Middle East. The Democrat Socialist Party and media of the United States is salivating at this possibility, to hawk their expertise at misinformation and disinformation, and will supply photographic evidence of atrocities, although staged by the muslim mujahideen. "There's cash in them thar wars!"
Nowhere will you be able to determine what is an unarmed civilian, trying to stay out of any conflict, from the armed, fully trained and suicidal, muslim mercenary. (Actually, the mercenary will have more women and children in the immediate area, some wearing explosive vests. A day care center, school or hospital will also be close by.)
While Japan is distracted by past and continuing disasters, the United States has a president that leaves town when the heat starts building up, in the same fashion that Democrat legislators in outlying States, go AWOL when hard decisions have come to the final vote.
The United States has turned it's own allies against itself by showing, not only disrespect, but confusion and lack of leadership, with the most picayune domestic 'crises'. The battle between the Parties in Congress over a domestic budget, complete with a threatened "government shut down", and continued cash flow problems, is known by the smallest countries of the world.
Obama has been telling anyone whom would listen, for more than four years, that America would not be up to the level of leadership it has established in the world, since he knows his own immature capacity for leadership and lack of, or even desire for, executive decisions.
What better time for an oppressive, dictatorial regime to press ahead with their desire to eliminate a perceived rival religious sect, and dominate an area of the planet with their suicidal, parasitic, self destructing society?
Another of Americas oldest, staunchest allies comments:
"For the first time in a long time, the President of the United States is actually distrusted by its allies and not in the least feared by its adversaries. Nor is Mr. Obama now respected by the majority of Americans. Understandably focused on the dismal economy and Mr. Obama's relentless efforts to nationalize and socialize health care, Americans apparently have yet to notice his dismal performance and lack of respect in the world community.
They soon will."

--London Daily Telegraph editor -- Alex Singleton

Friday, April 1, 2011


As in past times, sacrificing a high ranking official to the Gods would alleviate the anger the Gods were exacting on it's subjects.
I submit that we sacrifice Obama, the most high.
The Gods would be satisfied for centuries, thereby absolving the incalculable debt that our children and grandchildren have been shackled with by the Obama Regime.
The Gods demand no less!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Obama's execution of his "Presidential, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States" duties, from Rio De Janiero, while on vacation, plainly shows he intends to "wing it" as President of the United States.
Too many people in the U.S., knew this would happen, with this petulant juvenile, years before he was inaugurated, based on his prior performance as Senator from the state of Illinois.
This plainly clarifies that Obama does not know, or care, anything about his Constitutional duties, his duties to Congress, or his responsibility in instructing the U.S. Military, much less intending to honor his pledged obligations to the American People.
Obama is so callous as to his duties as Commander in Chief, Chief Executive, and arbitrator in Foreign Relations, he takes popular opinion more seriously than any legal constraints.
Someone would think, that, by now, Obama would know better than to just take a shot in the dark, temper his hubris, and seek wise counsel within his own ‘administration’.
But, this emphasizes Obama's display of unimportance toward his ‘administration’, (apparently doesn’t think there is any wise counsel within his ‘administration”), and is relying on his own immature judgement to execute the duties of President of the United States as he sees fit.
The Middle East unrest is being carried out because Obama's United States has emerged as a pinnacle of "Democracy" in the free world?
Only in the wildest, liberal, wet dreams.
Obama is HMFICC now. Bow to him.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The United States Constitution, and our Forefathers, never envisioned the citizens of the United States placing such a buttwipe in the highest office in our country.
Even as accomplished a buttwipe as he is, he cannot clean up this mess.
The Forefathers had a good sense for the intelligence and character of the people of the United States at the time, but, they never could foresee the deterioration of America in the fashion it has been proceeding.
It doesn't look there are enough GOOD PEOPLE left that can change this direction.
This will result in a "New World Order", alright. But, the average person will be enslaved again, by their oppressive government.
Could the United States Government evolve into the most oppressive government in history?
I think they have a running start.


As is being described by U.S. Military Generals, the forces we are allying with are some of the same forces we have been fighting in Afghanistan.
It should not be news to any American, that the Taliban and Al Qaeda, are masters of filling a leadership vacuum, and creating a militant theocracy to control the country and it's people.
And they make a formidable enemy. Witness the havoc inflicted on the Russian troops that engaged them for 10 years. And in October, 2011, it shall be 10 years of U.S. engagement in Afghanistan.
All this resistance has come from a clan that has no affiliation with any certain Country to give it support in manpower or materials.
The fundamental policy of the United States to establish peace and create stability, cannot be abandoned, or compromised. The American Forefathers were well aware of the price of establishing and maintaining peace and stability, and the expense shall never be anything resembling a bargain.
The current administrations conduct, is displaying ambivalence to this basic tenet, and all countries and world leaders are taking note of this behavior.
With the organized turmoil taking place in several countries across the Middle East, and no discernable leadership or individuals to deliberate with whom would describe the objectives of their movement, it looks extremely foolish to involve any countries manpower and military resources to enable their hollow triumph.
Americas former wars were fought with Countries and established Governments, that could be well defined. Once these wars concluded, America engaged in massive assistance to help rebuild infrastructure and establish commerce within these countries. This policy will become a certain combat victory for the 'rebel forces' we are now assisting.
With the most incompetent, irresponsible, and ill prepared individual, and 'administration', in power, to ever 'lead' our Nation into any conflict, the world is much less safe, and a much more treacherous place for all it's inhabitants.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I was very disturbed, earlier today, about a comment I read posted by an Iraq and Afghanistan vet about the status of men, and 'manhood', in the United States.
The article was about a book some woman wrote where she claimed there were no good men anymore. And the promise of any men showing up in the near future looked very grim.
Well, I have sympathy for her; But, much more sympathy for the vet in Afghanistan.
He is extremely disturbed, that he's putting his life on the line for misfits like her. And neither of them is in a group of their own. Many members consider themselves in one group or the other. Not me.
I have an excellent relationship that has lasted for 20 years with a lady that has many of my likes and dislikes. It took me three marriages, and her one, to find the best fit for a lasting mate.
But, let me cut to the chase.
What's happening, in America, is the systematic demoralization of whomever can be victimized by our highest level of government.
Personally, I have been preaching this would happen for years. My prior articles illustrate this fact.
Our government is mandating what public schools can teach, and it's demoralizing to all students to have to be subject to these "standards" that teach nothing but obligations to a 'government mandate' that has been prescribed by the federal and state authority.
Personally, I had a private school education, and have been exposed to public school standards, and there is no comparison between the quality of education.
But, with the outright rebellion taking place in Washington D.C. against the very fabric of American pride and prosperity, the damage is fomenting deep seated resentment and anxiety. When you have the President of the United States negotiating with labor unions to break the back of a State government, I don't have to tell you there is insurrection, at the top. And when the administrators of our most clandestine security operations, admit they get their intelligence from television, we're at a critical breaking point. We have a regime in Washington D.C. that is incompetent in all aspects of government, except insurrection. That is where it's only skills lie. They have no experience solving problems; Only creating them. And when one created crisis gets out of hand, they create another "crisis" diversion, if there hasn't been a significant global event to take the credit.
It is blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention, that when we have massive national disasters, (the earthquake in New Zealand), large areas of the Middle East in turmoil, American Missionaries slaughtered by pirates, renegade world leaders threatening nuclear attacks, and massive demonstrations at home, America needs some kind of leadership. Not timid politicians who know nothing but how to create more distractions.
And I'm at an age where I'm limited as to what I can do about this dilemma, except point out how the current situation can only be remedied by the best among us.
It's going to take some very active observation, translation, and dissemination to get the truth published, but, I'm going to do my part.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The current Liberal/Left dialog about the causes of a shooting rampage in Tucson Arizona, is the most dangerous to the American public. It's completely irresponsible and reckless. These are the precise people who cannot be trusted in any emergency situation, because they think SOMEONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKING CARE OF THEM.
Sheriff Dupnik is running interference to cover his own dereliction of duty. Loughner has a known history with Dupnik's department as a mentally unstable man.
In the confusing situation at the scene of this crime, anyone brandishing a firearm could have been mistaken for the perpetrator, and been shot simply for having a weapon in plain sight.
Conceal/carry individuals have to be "on duty" and constantly vigilant as to their surroundings. The one man at this scene who had a concealed weapon, was visibly shaken, and unsure of drawing his own gun. It was ultimately, a good decision. He was still capable of disabling the threat, without using his own weapon.
People using the vitriol that keeps them on radio and TV about the most impossible causes of this tragedy, are the very people that should be profiled for lack of responsible behavior when it comes to protecting anyone. Either they are plainly incompetent, or are covering up for their guilt of an irresponsible deed in their past.
Strange, that people in America do not want to believe in God, but have faith in some idea less tangible.
Can Obama bring us together? (snort).

Saturday, January 1, 2011


The Obama agenda is almost complete; This Congress of confessed/convicted felons, is using the czars and their agencies to execute their communist agenda against We The People. That's their total agenda; End run around the Constitution with Obama's signature, and his Democrat/socialist media to endorse and publicize it.
At this point, Congress is on it's last legs, because Obama will soon have the power to control his czars as he wishes. And to hell with the useful fools in Congress.
The 'stupids' in Congress have assisted in their own execution. The Czars Obama has appointed can eliminate Congress, if they want. They are only approved by Obama, and the dummies in Congress have 'mindlessly' affixed their signature of approval.
Little did they know, they are signing their own death warrants. After Obama appoints enough 'czars', he won't need anything like a 'Congress' or much less a 'Constitution', for the execution of his communist agenda. And Congress is so accustomed to raping each other every day, they'll enjoy being screwed out of their power, until they really find out what really happened to them.
We The People are in a predicament; What to do?