Monday, October 17, 2011


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Communists; Plain and simple.
The protesters of OWS (Occupy Wall Street)are Obama's people, and he's claiming them.
Obama nor Michelle, never cared for America enough to find out WHAT America really was about. They never liked America or it's government, and intended to mold it into their distorted vision from the beginning. That was the sole purpose for attending Reverend Wrights Church of American Hatred for 20 years.
Michelle and Barrack have exposed their inner most hatred for America, and a large portion of the electorate have let it pass without comment. Those that did comment, have been branded racist for pointing out Barracks and Michelle's racist comments and attitudes.
And thanks to Barrack, racism is getting worse because of his racist actions and convictions. How plainly do they have to state their hatred for America and its heritage before you start to take notice?

Clearly, a dominant Democrat Congress won the battle for the White House, not Barrack. He just rode the wave of fomented hatred toward Bush.

Isn't it clear to everyone by now, that these Bolsheviks will say and do anything to promote their communist agenda, even if they contradict themselves in the same sentence?

Thank you Dr. Hanson, for detailing the obvious agenda of these Bolsheviks, and giving the credit to the many who spoke and wrote about this potential disaster prior to his coronation.

Friday, October 7, 2011


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Recent activity by the DLPSP (Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist Party) clearly indicates that Party's intention to keep the majority of its constituents in a dependent state of subsistence. They have even gone to the extreme of changing the rules of the Senate to accommodate their legislative process without possibility of protest.
The latest move in Congress has the effect of eliminating debate on issues to be voted upon that would be implemented as Federal Laws. This makes it possible for the DLPSP to expedite whatever they deem as their agenda, get it voted on without debate, and sent to the President for approval in a much faster fashion without having the opposing Party being able to stall the legislation for more research and discussion before being voted upon.

This is the exact same action taking place in other foreign countries where there is no form of Democratic government.
This action makes it perfectly clear the DLPSP has no intention to rule in accordance with the U.S. Constitution in mind, and ultimately intends to keep its constituents in a subordinate position where they are totally dependent on whatever the DLPSP deems them deserving to be entitled with. This same Party is employing the assistance of labor unions and other insurrectionary organizations.

The CMA (Communist Media of America) is complicit in this agenda, as they are attacking Presidential candidates with racial innuendo to attempt to paint them as false representatives for their political platforms. This same media has kept much of the news of opposition and corruption as quiet as possible, while blasting at the highest volume, their own incriminating innuendo and slurs to try to discredit any opposing opinion. Their current employee in the White House, is such an embarrassment to them and the Nation, they refuse to ask any pertinent questions that would expose his ignorance and incompetence

Recent activity in several U.S. cities is useful to this same regime for action during the electoral process in late 2012. Popular suspicion has always stated that this regime intends to foment enough dissension to justify the imposition of Martial Law to manage all unrest, and control, or even cancel, attendance at the voting booths in November. Intimidation is one of the favorite tools of the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist Party.

There is no need to say "we shall see", or "maybe". We have witnessed enough of this anarchy to prove it is their ultimate agenda. And they have illustrated that they will stop at nothing, which is ample evidence of itself.

[The following link takes you to a YouTube cartoon video, from 50 years ago, about why Socialism is dangerous to the United States:]


Obama is proving the theory that having a lot of money doesn't necessarily translate into having any intelligence or common sense. Nor can it purchase the intelligence or common sense that you need to survive being placed into a position of immense responsibility.
He has proven that he always was, and still remains, an empty canvas on which anyone with the influence could paint whatever they wanted. He was always such a timid and unassertive pupil, and that was exactly what attracted his mentors who wanted to form him into the weapon he has become.

He was raised as a white boy by white foster parents, and spent 20 years in Reverend Wrights church learning how to become a racist black man. This gave him the tools he needed to utilize the black racial empowerment and benefits bestowed by the Federal Government.
The most obvious disconnect is that he constantly desecrates the Capitalist system, while utilizing Capitalism to gain his own power and influence.
Obama constantly tells his followers how disadvantaged they are, but, he will not subject himself to any of the same disadvantages or inconveniences his faithful have to live with. And considering all the resistance he gave to any of George Bush's policies, he sure looks like the ultimate hypocrite while he continues utilizing the same policy techniques that the Bush Administration implemented.

From all indications of Obama's past associations, he must have been confused about whether he was black or white, and this subject was thoroughly discussed to determine which race identity he would use to get the most benefit. And obviously, he chose the black half of his heritage.
To date, he has completely abandoned his white heritage and all white relatives on the white side of his family. This indicates what a racial zealot he truly is.

A multitude of the American People knew this about him before he was elected President. Many said so in conversations, and many wrote about this in daily news and blog posts. But many, from the racial industry sector of the American populace, would not listen and branded these detractors as racists. And therefore, indicated what racists they were and intended to remain.
Few had a glimmer of hope that he would bring some racial harmony, but alas, he has only created deeper contempt. And continues his crusade to keep the American People divided along racial lines.