Friday, September 23, 2011


After the Republican debate last night, what's it going to be?
We'll either have the best educated, unemployable, illegal immigrants in the World with Perry, or the healthiest, uneducated, under-employed fat slobs in the World, with Romney.
With Obama the USA becomes the richest dictatorship in the world with the most healthy, uneducated, illegal, dissident, ghettoized, welfare recipients. With free tattoos and body piercings for his faithful followers.
It's going to be another tough choice. I hope the CMA (Communist Media of America) can sort it all out for us before the voting booths open.
After all; Americans are already too stupid to pick a President that will defend their nation and it's borders, and be faithful to his Oath of Office.
America made history when they elected the first Kenyan as President.
What will be the next experiment?

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