Tuesday, August 23, 2011


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I must say; You people saying Palin won't make a good President are showing how foolish you are.
Tim Groseclose,PhD, has research in his book "Left Turn" that verifies my statement.
First of all, this is only a nomination. This puts her in the spotlight with all the other candidates that will define and refine the platforms that will expose and slay the corrupt, incompetent Regime in the White House today. Palin can only add to the voices that are condemning Obama's lack of leadership, failing policies, corrupt associates, un-Constitutional actions, and economic ignorance.
The more being broadcast, the better.
Secondly, she will keep the media busy with their hate machine gearing up, and the media will be upset about not being able to follow The Dufus and his family around the planet at taxpayer expense.
You are providing the media with proof that they can sway your thinking to their agenda.

Do you think President Dufus represents YOU at all?
He's representing himself. Period. He knows he's made history already, and he really doesn't care if he gets another term, because a second term would not make that much difference. He'd be more lame and inconsequential the second time around.
And can't you imagine him completely abandoning the White House for more private living quarters somewhere else out of the eyesight and earshot of the American People who should be privileged to his whereabouts? All at more exorbitant taxpayer expense?
If you are that gullible, you deserve President Dufus and his merry men, and all it's going to cost you to have him in office.

It's really hard for me to believe the U.S. media has made so many fools of the American People with their tabloid trash mentality.
Read Dr. Groseclose's research that proves the media's bias in his new book "Left Turn".

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