Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama defines "middle income".

DEFINING MOMENT Obama reveals what the limits are for the middle income bracket. Wonder what it'll be next week? Just think! If you vote for Obama in November, you can use the "blind" exemption on your 1040EZ next year!

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"Live long and prosper".

Obama's smoke and mirrors.

Great article from Matt Finlay on realclearpolitics today. It's not easy to get your research done, and get published by a prominent website. It's great to see some energetic conservatives out there. We don't mean to please everybody, but we can have some productive discussions. Necessary today!

Obama's Armageddon

At my age, I've experienced many administrations. I have also been a small business owner and entrepreneur. I have been preaching the same dialog to all the blogs and comments I can, but the liberals and Democrats keep coming back even more vociferously. I sincerely believe that the Democrats have finally stirred up enough anger to sway many people. And the media is in an all out attempt to sway an election, especially this one. When you add the racial aspect, you have a combination the media and the Democrats can use as a club.
Reading the article "Obama's Infuriating Disingenuousness", I could see depth of education and concern in the author. This seems to be a withering component in our society. Another reason the media can conquer the masses through their visceral contrivance.
With the ability of the media and Democrats to publish and legislate their version of morality, I'm afraid we are going to see this adolescent rebellion succeed in a significant destruction of a large part of the American way of life. It is truly saddening. I only hope I can survive the destruction and be of use in the recovery.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A lot of Americans know that Obama is a closet racist who will probably give Jeremiah Wright a Cabinet position, and has also shown his penchant for socialism. This bum leaves us no choice; a race war or a world war!