Monday, October 17, 2011


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Communists; Plain and simple.
The protesters of OWS (Occupy Wall Street)are Obama's people, and he's claiming them.
Obama nor Michelle, never cared for America enough to find out WHAT America really was about. They never liked America or it's government, and intended to mold it into their distorted vision from the beginning. That was the sole purpose for attending Reverend Wrights Church of American Hatred for 20 years.
Michelle and Barrack have exposed their inner most hatred for America, and a large portion of the electorate have let it pass without comment. Those that did comment, have been branded racist for pointing out Barracks and Michelle's racist comments and attitudes.
And thanks to Barrack, racism is getting worse because of his racist actions and convictions. How plainly do they have to state their hatred for America and its heritage before you start to take notice?

Clearly, a dominant Democrat Congress won the battle for the White House, not Barrack. He just rode the wave of fomented hatred toward Bush.

Isn't it clear to everyone by now, that these Bolsheviks will say and do anything to promote their communist agenda, even if they contradict themselves in the same sentence?

Thank you Dr. Hanson, for detailing the obvious agenda of these Bolsheviks, and giving the credit to the many who spoke and wrote about this potential disaster prior to his coronation.

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