Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The current Liberal/Left dialog about the causes of a shooting rampage in Tucson Arizona, is the most dangerous to the American public. It's completely irresponsible and reckless. These are the precise people who cannot be trusted in any emergency situation, because they think SOMEONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKING CARE OF THEM.
Sheriff Dupnik is running interference to cover his own dereliction of duty. Loughner has a known history with Dupnik's department as a mentally unstable man.
In the confusing situation at the scene of this crime, anyone brandishing a firearm could have been mistaken for the perpetrator, and been shot simply for having a weapon in plain sight.
Conceal/carry individuals have to be "on duty" and constantly vigilant as to their surroundings. The one man at this scene who had a concealed weapon, was visibly shaken, and unsure of drawing his own gun. It was ultimately, a good decision. He was still capable of disabling the threat, without using his own weapon.
People using the vitriol that keeps them on radio and TV about the most impossible causes of this tragedy, are the very people that should be profiled for lack of responsible behavior when it comes to protecting anyone. Either they are plainly incompetent, or are covering up for their guilt of an irresponsible deed in their past.
Strange, that people in America do not want to believe in God, but have faith in some idea less tangible.
Can Obama bring us together? (snort).

Saturday, January 1, 2011


The Obama agenda is almost complete; This Congress of confessed/convicted felons, is using the czars and their agencies to execute their communist agenda against We The People. That's their total agenda; End run around the Constitution with Obama's signature, and his Democrat/socialist media to endorse and publicize it.
At this point, Congress is on it's last legs, because Obama will soon have the power to control his czars as he wishes. And to hell with the useful fools in Congress.
The 'stupids' in Congress have assisted in their own execution. The Czars Obama has appointed can eliminate Congress, if they want. They are only approved by Obama, and the dummies in Congress have 'mindlessly' affixed their signature of approval.
Little did they know, they are signing their own death warrants. After Obama appoints enough 'czars', he won't need anything like a 'Congress' or much less a 'Constitution', for the execution of his communist agenda. And Congress is so accustomed to raping each other every day, they'll enjoy being screwed out of their power, until they really find out what really happened to them.
We The People are in a predicament; What to do?