Saturday, August 29, 2009

ObamaCare Edict

In memory of Ted Kennedy, and all he did for U.S. health care, the ObamaCare bill should be renamed the Kopechne Bill and left to die without any assistance.

Thursday, August 27, 2009 ROAD TO SERFDOM.


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Does any one recognize a steadfast march to communism? Obama wanting a "civilian force" with the budget of the U.S. Military; Obamas top cop threatening the military intelligence unit (CIA); Obama appointing czars to bypass Congressional approval for a Cabinet Post; ACORN in charge of Census; ObamaCare being shoved through regardless of the cost or opposition; IRS in charge of enforcing ObamaCare; Another Czar appointed by Obama to administer ObamaCare; Spending FAR outpacing income taxes (this will change); Puppet in Justice Dept. drops charges of voter intimidation by BLACK PANTHERS, but takes up investigating individuals with Swiss Bank accounts; Obama supporting investigation and prosecution of "rich people" for the purpose of redistributing their wealth; Congress can't wash Obamas feet fast enough; Everything turns into a CRISIS; Congress IGNORING "We The People";
EVERYTHING is centralizing around Obama and his so called czars.
Looks like the goose-step; Smells like the goose-step; Feels like the goose-step; Do ya think?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Obama says the Post Office doesn’t work; Schumer says Medicare will be broke in the next few years; The U.S. Government administers these offices and programs as well as Social Security; How many years have they had to make these programs work? And these guys think we are foolish enough to believe they can manage a health care program?
This is more than insanity; It’s downright STUPID! If anything, the people of the United States should be on a steadfast campaign to reverse this trend, and reduce the size of the government to bring Congressional powers back to the limit that the Constitution constrains their powers to be. If this is undertaken, then America can return to the nation it has been in leading technology through individual innovation and reward. If not, then the people of the United States shall live under the umbrella of the Government that shall strangle them and their descendants to death at a very slow pace.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Most Perfect Union of All!

The new Axis of Evil; Emanuel, Pelosi, Reid.
The current U.S. Government is exactly like any union I ever belonged to; 1. Take your money, 2. make airy promises, 3. do whatever they want, with money and legislation, to advance the union at the expense of its members.
“We the People” now is “We the Governed”.
Welcome to the New Totalitarianism.
Are we a “More Perfect Union” yet?

Sunday, August 16, 2009


As I have been saying since last year; Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetero) is a person whom will coerce and propagandize any issue to get his desired result. And the media is in full out mode to coerce, intimidate, lie, cheat, steal, threaten, and vilify, anyone whom stands in their way to serve as a conditioned soldier for their politics.
Obama, and his pandering media, are on a steadfast march, to Socialize and nationalize our entire country. And enrich themselves in the process.
They are incorporating the "abuse of reason" to attack the present state of debate.
The dichotomy cannot be more clear; Either you are a soldier of Obama, or you are a soldier of freedom.
We need to keep the U.S. Government out of any more involvement, in the peoples healthcare.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Apology for Whom?

So; The gifted one is going around the planet, apologizing to anyone who will listen to his drivel. Question; Is he apologizing for the Indians, Eskimos, Mexicans, and pilgrims that fought for this country from the beginning? I seriously doubt it.
And The Prince of Incompetence wants to "give the country back to it's rightful owners". My guess is, he does not mean the Indians, Eskimos, Mexicans, nor Pilgrims that fought for this country.
And like all the other wonderful statements The Prince of Incompetence makes, no one challenges him on what he really means; Just lets people go about their warm, fluffy daydreams.
So, lets be honest; He's apologizing for the White Mans ability to overcome poverty and pestilence, war and famine, and create a revered industrial complex, second to none on this earth.
And "rightful owners" means the individuals in this society, today, that still believe welfare is the way to personal wealth.
All you have to do to display the proof to these statements, is listen to what he has said in his first six months in office, and what he has done with his use of the white people under his influence.
As you can see, he's stirring up racial tensions, again, in a way that hasn't been seen for 30 years.
So, if anything, he's no messiah; the reverse may be asshat.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The New Crusade!

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Yea; It is looking bleak. The largest group of lying thieves EVER in Congress; And a media just as full of lies and deceit as the current administration; Passing(?) (ramming through, unilaterally) legislation(?) (ultimatums) that is more costly, raises taxes, and does not comply with the overwhelming opinion of the electorate; And we aint seen nothing yet. These lying thieves are going to start attacking the freedom of the press next, to attack the freedom of speech from the flank. You have already witnessed how they will attack, blaspheme, ruthlessly investigate, and denigrate individuals and families, whom have nothing but a disagreement with their ideas. Really low, but, they’ll get lower to accomplish their ultimatums.
Are these goons getting counseled in this strategy from Russia? The Taliban? Kim Jong Il? Can’t be too far off.
Don't hear too much about Hugo Chavez in the news; Must be he is too stunned by the news he's witnessing coming from our Congress!
And what bargaining chip did Clinton use in N. Korea? Knowing the sleazy backgrounds of both of these perps, narrows that down.

Friday, August 7, 2009

What The People Want?

What more proof does any one need than what’s being displayed now by the Obama Mafioso, that they will do things their way regardless of what We the People want.
At this point in this conflict, the only thing missing is battered citizens and dead citizens that dare to confront these commies. And with the orchestrated efforts of the main stream media pouring out the propaganda for them, the U. S. looks more like Georgia than the United States of America.
Maybe those Russian subs are just confused by the politics, censure, propaganda, and lies taking place here on a daily basis. Looks like Georgia getting rowdy again.
Didn't something like this happen in Iran in the recent past? The party in power and the media covered everything up just like they're doing here, now! But, what government will condemn this action? Apparently not ours!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


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This picture says it all about race relations in the U.S. and how Obama regards his own race.
A white man is helping a disabled black man down the stairs and Obama is walking off ignoring his guests, and the plight of one of his "friends", whom he knows to be disabled. Where's Biden to tell Gates he has to run to his car to leave? The U.S. should be proud of the fact that they put two of the biggest stooges in politics into the highest offices in the land. What a great legacy they will leave. And the media will work double overtime to cover up for these clowns.

White House Peace Summit!

Having Crowley and Gates over to the White House reminds me of Carter having Arafat and Rabin hang out for peace talks. Only this meeting is on a scale that Obama and Biden can handle within their collective expertise.
From the photos I've seen of Crowley and Gates leaving this public display of male affection, Crowley remained the consumate educated, professional gentleman he truly is. He is an exemplary model for the police department he works for, and white men as a whole.
And this demonstrates how small Obama and Biden really are.