Friday, September 23, 2011


After the Republican debate last night, what's it going to be?
We'll either have the best educated, unemployable, illegal immigrants in the World with Perry, or the healthiest, uneducated, under-employed fat slobs in the World, with Romney.
With Obama the USA becomes the richest dictatorship in the world with the most healthy, uneducated, illegal, dissident, ghettoized, welfare recipients. With free tattoos and body piercings for his faithful followers.
It's going to be another tough choice. I hope the CMA (Communist Media of America) can sort it all out for us before the voting booths open.
After all; Americans are already too stupid to pick a President that will defend their nation and it's borders, and be faithful to his Oath of Office.
America made history when they elected the first Kenyan as President.
What will be the next experiment?

Sunday, September 18, 2011


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More is being written about the sales of weapons to Mexican gangs and the American Agencies and individuals involved in this covert activity.

"Gunwalker" and "Fast and Furious" are names given to this activity, and used by the U.S. Congress in their "token" and superficial hearings on this covert program.

Having worked for, and know typical scenarios, ( outside law enforcement ) of the U.S. government, I would give much credence to the Cloward-Piven objective.
What branch of government, agency or office has NOT been corrupted under the current Regime? Outside the House of Representatives, all agencies have taken on a rogue attitude, and function only as an extension of the Regime. We have Obama’s own words, stated many times, that he wants to “fundamentally change our government”. He has illustrated he intends to fulfill this objective, and this thread is the most consistent in his policies.

It appears, to me, that no one wanted their “finger prints” on any facet of this operation; Typical "standard operating procedure" of subversive, covert, operations performed by members of the administration of government agencies. This is why the “operation” has not succeeded in it’s most important role; Secrecy. In situations like these, directives are given with enough ambiguity as to be deemed “non-credible”, or “misinterpreted”, with any attempt to apply a precise objective to the directives.
The American Electorate has learned there are always ulterior political motives behind every action of the Obama Regime.

If it weren’t for the abject corruption rampant in the current Regime in Washington, Special Prosecutors would be overwhelmed with serving subpoenas and conducting hearings on practically every activity this Regime has been involved in. I sincerely hope this endeavor will be implemented by the next administration.
Pelosi was right; “WE have to drain the swamp”.

Where is the condemnation of The Hague or the U.N.? Why are there no cries of threats to sovereignty from Mexico’s President?

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Here are several foreboding articles that tell what a multitude of people have been saying about Barrack Hussein Obama for more than 6 years. 

And more recently, there's been discussion about activating our National Guard to quell public reaction to his Party's dictatorship. Actually, calling on the Public Sector Unions would accomplish the same result, and Obama has already shown his support for them in the Wisconsin demonstrations, and told them to "get in their faces". They would all take their commands from the same source, and have the same authority bestowed on them. The Public Sector Unions could be a tool to inflame more civil unrest to justify a National Guard response.
Even though I am not a survivor of Communism or any communist country, I knew Obama was a dictator when I first heard him speak. He intends to take America into a communist type of government through the ignorance and complicity of the Democrat Party and the Radical Liberals that have been infiltrating Our Government for the last 60 years.
California is an exemplary model of the future of America if the Radical Liberals get their wish. The state has more parasites living off of the states welfare programs than any other state in the Union. They are reinforcing the parasitic mindset through their soft enforcement of immigration laws and criminal prosecution.
There have been some positive results in elections since the fall of 2010, but, these results can be erased by the Commander In Chief through more of his unilateral action and decrees. It would not be the first time he has taken action above and beyond his authority, or contrary to his Oath of Office.
Here's another view of the President and First Lady at a ceremony for the 9/11 Commemoration:

How is it that the United States has such poor, disrespectful individuals representing her at this time?

"Radicalism" seems to be in vogue. If you're not "radical", you're not part of the "Obama Movement". Their actions and statements are meant to inflame unrest and discontent, which plays into their scheme to commandeer the country and create their supremacy.
They have illustrated, many times, they do not intend to rule with the intentions of the electorate in mind. They have blatantly enriched themselves, while harshly criticizing the people and entities that have become rich through their own altruism, hard labor, and entrepreneurialism.

To date, they have accomplished a bloodless coup over a nation that has been a benefactor to every nation and nationality on earth.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
George Orwell.