Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Examining the photo of the "situation room" where Obama was sitting watching the event with his closest advisors and military, shows me that Obama was not in charge of this operation. He was a by-stander, since the military demanded their teams conduct the OP with their final conclusion to put the task to rest, once and for all.
After the time and expense put into chasing Bin Laden around the planet for ten years, and listening to him post audio's and videos of how he was going to command his mujahideen to create terror throughout the world, someone had the balls to call this time to be the last time they would come in contact with Bin Laden and let him escape for any reason.
And I'm also reassured in my theory, that this was the case, since Obama has done such a backward side step to appease the muslim world.
They handled Bin Ladens body with muslim customs, but, they're not sure THIS didn't offend the muslims.
And they're afraid that photo's of his dead body will offend muslims.
They can't make up their minds on exactly what will offend the muslims. but, they'll still do something stupid, anything, that they think will appease the muslims, without actually consulting any muslim leaders about what and what not to do about this situation.
Everything since the burial has been Obama's call. And it shows, since, there's been nothing but backtracking statements, conflicting testimony, and confusion about what policy to actuate, in order to show the maximun appeasement possible.
Obama has deep feelings and affection for muslims, and it is showing in his attempts to appease them with every action.
Appeasement will never work. It never has. But, the smartest President ever elected will not give up hope that HE has the POWER to convince muslims that centuries of murder, mayhem, and sacrifice, were not needed in order to live in peace with American infidels.
As if no one has ever thought of this tactic before!
Obama most assuredly has a personality disorder, thinking he has the power to interfere in the centuries old traditions of Islamic aggression.

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