Thursday, December 16, 2010


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Scanning the comments of nationalized health care articles, reveals people are now more accepting of some kind of government ('national') regulation of our health care system. They are saying our system (actually Health Care Industry) is broken.
That is scary.
If they think the health care system (business) in the U.S. is 'broken' now, What do they think of Medicare and Medicaid, which is federally mandated and managed health care? Is this a successful business model? That's so ridiculous I have to laugh out loud.
Please suggest any government business model that is successful!
If it is not clear to ANYONE by now, that this REGIME in Washington D.C. intends to concentrate it's power by regulating everything that breathes and moves, (which means TAXING; which means redirecting part of every dollar that comes in contact with YOU), then you have never learned that water is wet and fire is hot.
Just reading about the so called 'Lame Duck Congress' tells you that we have the most radical individuals in the United States Congress in American History. And, they are not, in any fashion, working in the interest of the citizens of America. They couldn't care less about the interests of 'We The People", The Constitution, nor legislating in any 'bipartisan' means.
Their power seems unlimited by any laws we now have. If any legislation needs to be passed, it is further detailed specification of the limits of power, and intent of The Constitution, for Congress.
These radical kooks in OUR Congress need pass NO MORE LEGISLATION, PERIOD.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


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This 'entitlement' propaganda is standard operating procedure of promising Nirvana for the 'guinea pigs'.
What incenses me, is this "Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act 2010". This is directed, specifically, at our children, to enslave them, and to create a dependent attitude in them for MORE GOVERNMENT SUPPORT. And why did no one hear a word about it until it was signed into 'LAW'?
This Democrat Party is using Communist, Jihad, and/or any psychological warfare tactics to ensnare the young and children of our society. They have depleted our education system to the point it is nothing but a reward system for staying in line, like a good soldier. Our schools are teaching OUR CHILDREN to be radical subversives.
Using their own verbiage: "WHEN IS ENOUGH 'ENOUGH'?
How can there be any doubt in any one's mind that the Democrat Party wants to install Communism, in it's most ideal form, in America?

Sunday, November 21, 2010


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The MSM is obviously AFRAID to ask any pertinent questions that would shine a bright light on the Obama Regime, and embarrass them in any way; They have probably been threatened to report as they do, or else.
It’s looking more like the main focal point of this incompetent Regime and it’s bootlicking media, is ‘Chaos Theory’; Stir things up, create crisis and chaos wherever possible, take advantage of any crisis, chip away at the citizens rights and privileges, and humiliate and demean the populace until they seek HELP FROM THE GOVERNMENT; The same government (Regime) that has caused the turmoil in the first place.
It’s called “job security” and is an old, old union tactic that cripples companies and businesses. Even this corrupt MSM can’t hide the history of these facts. (And doesn’t Obama act more like a union boss than a President? If he was the least bit successful at his chosen field of 'Community Organization', why have we not heard stories of this success?)
And yet to be announced by the ’safest, most politically correct, and globally secure’ TSA Agency to guard against any rectal explosives being smuggled onboard any U.S. flights;

“You’ll need to stop eating solid foods the day before your scheduled flight, and start the colon preparation the evening before the TSA screening procedure. You must take a substance that triggers bowel-clearing diarrhea. Exact instructions will depend on the bowel prep selected, the time of your TSA screening, and any prior experience you’ve had with colon preps (if one didn’t work before, you’ll just have to try a different one). Any travelers that have not used these procedures must report to the enemata station.”
KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY; Because this Regime will enact some form of Martial Law before it is overthrown. Of course, it will be labeled something like "Peoples Protective Services", "Dept. of American Peoples Protective Agency", but, bets are in that it will happen. And there will be a diktat by the "Regime Leader'; 'It shall be manned by AFSCME Members only', thereby using local soldiers instead of any federal employees/soldiers that would qualify the move as use of 'Martial Law'.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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I do not see the Democrat Party, nor anyone in Congress, Independents and Republicans included, that intend to downsize their powers in any shape or form. They have the Senate Bill S510, the 'Food Safety Act', that grants them more rampant authority to regulate/tax/terminate/fine small growers of food stuffs in the United States. This bill is on the floor for vote today.
As per Michael Greer at American Thinker, it's the ObamaCare for the FDA.
Legislators like Charles Rangel have lived in the realm of corruption, for so many years, they do not believe they are subjects of the same laws that apply to the unwashed masses they represent. And they are not too far wrong. If any one of the readers here were found guilty of any of the felonies Rangel was found guilty of, we would receive prison sentences and fines.
It's going to take a radical Conservative like Chris Christie, or Sarah Palin, to overturn the frenzied attack these legislators have endorsed on OUR Constitutional Government.

Friday, October 22, 2010


WHO does Barracky boy want to be for Halloween???????


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Unless history lessons start being 'tweeted' to ignorant people like the examples named in this article, do not expect anything to change.
History means nothing to them; They can't read nor comprehend what history was about; And unless the names of the people and places in history, are given the encrypted language used for texting and tweeting, they'll never be able to pronounce them.
High school could be conducted by 'tweeting' lessons and lectures, and get more attentive participation. This could save billions of expenditures for school crossing guards, busses, lunches, classrooms, school security, etc. And home work would be enjoyable!
But, teachers and lecturers would need to learn the 'texting' language to be able to communicate effectively with their students. And I'm sure Teachers Unions would balk at any 'education' for their members.
Since testing is the preferred method of determining student achievement, testing could be conducted, periodically, at the nearest community center. No change to achievement standards needed.
It would not be that different from TV classes held in auditoriums like was started when I was in high school.
I'll have to jot down this idea and present it to the local school board. I know it'll be good for a laugh, at least. But, you never know.

THE END OF NPR (hopefully).

NPR has been an active arm of the Democrat Party for decades. And their tax exempt status has garnered them many liberal contributors, and is fraudulent.
But their firing of one of the stars of NPR, will backfire on them, and bring many 'reasonable' NPR members to realize how biased and lopsided they are.
Juan Williams was hired by NPR as a 'news analyst'. And his analysis of the suspicion fliers feel when they see muslim passengers in full traditional garb is completely accurate.
With their tradition of praying five times a day, calling on Allah during a long flight is highly probable. And when they are calling on Allah, how can you tell if they are NOT trying to commit suicide, and take out all surrounding 'infidels' with them?
Williams was fired for doing his job TOO well. Many years ago, I could see Williams playing the adversary at FOX, and looking clueless in the face of bold facts that said he was wrong. Juan has seen the truth, and has started to recognize and acknowledge it when it confronts him. Juan is becoming a leader in the black community, with a realistic and well grounded view of American life today.
Juan shall continue in his maturation, as a good 'news analyst', and become well respected by his peers for his role in bridging the ignorance gap between liberals and conservatism.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


One thing I've noticed about Obama is his total lack of reverence for anything. And this includes anyone of greatness, or any great idea of anyone else, but himself.
It's quite apparent he does not hold much of anything or anyone in high esteem. He does not go to church any more; He does not come to the rescue of any of his close associates or friends; It appears that he really has no friends.
He is a complete disaster for the first black (half black) man to be elected to the Presidency. He has no great vision for himself or the Country in which he is the Commander in Chief. He is more like a poster boy for the Equal Opportunity Legislation implemented years ago, and allowed to degenerate into the 'bash whitey' Clubs they have become today.
And yet Obama bashes the very country and system that enabled him to come from the ill-bred background he has come from, and succeed to the level he has acquired today!
This is the height of impudence and petulance.
How can anyone expect anything of greatness from such a poor man?

Friday, September 24, 2010


People are constantly bickering about 'Obamunism' and it's true roots. It's communism, pure and simple, only with a new name; 'OBAMUNISM' is precisely what it is. Does anyone doubt the legacy he wants to leave the United States with?
I'll spare you the boring details of the mirage of wealth redistribution taking place, and the efforts to implement more of it, by Obama, on a daily basis.
Look at it this way; The Democrat Party, and Obama, are severely mistreating their electorate, and using their constituents as pawns in class warfare, by short sighted legislation, such as the 'Equal Housing' statutes.
Simply put, they are requiring somebody with money, to lend money to anyone, without verifying that they have a job, or any skills to get a job. AND, they are telling the lenders that they are not allowed to investigate the borrowers background to determine if they are a good credit risk. These poor borrowers are charged maximum interest rates on their loans, also.
That is the same as requiring all U.S. Citizens to buy stocks on Wall Street, and not check the status of the company selling the stocks.
The real problem is, the Democrat Party knew that these plans would fail. And when they failed, they would shift the blame to the lenders, whom are regulated from even speaking about the travesty forced upon them. And the borrowers are so far in debt, that they fail to see how they are being used.
This is the ultimate plan of 'class warfare' described under the definition of 'communism'.
Under 'Obamaunism', this class warfare is even given more definition by stirring up ethnic warfare.
And you will be given a good demonstration of this intended warfare, during the next election cycle.
I hope I'm here to witness the collapse of 'Obamunism', as communism collapsed in Europe, due to the failure of communism to live up to it's promised financial rewards for the 'people'. A recent, and continuing bit of 'Obamunism' legislation, is the 'stimulus' (or whatever it has been renamed). It was pushed through as fast as possible to hide the fact that it would be used at the discretion of the Democrat Party as their war chest. This war chest is intended to buy constituents, influence the electorate, and further hoodwink the voters.

And here's further evidence of their deceit and corruption at this link:

So; Where's the difference between communism and 'Obamunism'?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


We should have stuck with "You are either with us or against us," after 9/11.
History shows Islam cannot be negotiated with.
First of all, they have no center of leadership. They never had one for Islam as a whole. No seat of religion or government that could be dealt with. The Ottoman Empire was the closest they ever came to any semblance of a center of government, and consider how they have carried on their battle against all other societies on the planet, that do not submit to them, since this time. Even when, at their pinnacle, when they spanned the entire continents of Europe and Asia, there was no central seat. Today there is Al Qaeda (The Base); But find it on a map.
Second, coming to some kind of peaceful agreement with any faction of Islam, means that faction has turned against allah, and Quranic tenets, and is treated as an internal enemy and traitor against all other factions.
You can whack one faction into submission, but the other factions go about their daily lives in their mosques, deliberately intent on finding weaknesses in the conquerers, and live to engage the conquerers in battle, until the end of days.
Today there is no Muhammad to bring to a bargaining table, who can speak for his 'nation', and accept any peace agreement of any kind.
The closest thing they have is a caliph, and no one can agree on who the caliph should be.
[See link:]
Even if there were a caliph and caliphate, it would not represent all factions of Islam.
The pendulum is swinging in the favor of Islam, at this time. But as time creates more power and freedom for the muslims, societies come to understand that they have to be dealt with in severity in order to bring their savage paganism to an acceptable level.
The mosque is where they can be brought to the realization that Western societies will not tolerate their barbarism.
Their mosque is like their pentagon. It has to be considered fair game, and severely limited to impress upon them that we will not accept their obstinacy.
It is the only method to successfully deal with the 'us or them' attitude that is spread through their DNA.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Why is black America in such a rush to embrace Islam?
For a bunch of people that have campaigned so hard against the slavery, oppression, and mistreatment by American predecessors, why are they in such a hurry to adopt a 'religion' that will enslave them again? Do they think that EEO legislation will protect them? Do they think they will be superior to Sharia? Exempt?
The race industry is clamoring for superiority, and won't know what to do with it when they get it. Their shortsightedness in what victories they have already accomplished, is appalling.
The 'Certified Professional Complainer", Jesse Jackson, and many others, have made an extravagant living out of his grievance and bitterness crusade.
They sure are in a rush to have history repeat itself; Actually, it's more like a cycle of stupidity.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Obama's engaged in "lingchi" which is the Chinese technique of 'Death by a Thousand Cuts".
And he seems to be enjoying every moment.
Who would have thought we would ever have a president that would ignore and even trash the Constitution; Use the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court for implementing his own agenda in trashing the Constitution; Use the race organizations to foment racial strife; Use his wife to foment racial hatred; Intentionally slight our allies and cower to our enemies to undermine the stature of the United States in the free world; Engage in criminal activity and appoint criminals to his administration to implement his agenda; Implement 'legislation' that threatens the life blood of the United States' business and investing.
This is a tragedy that Greece never thought would occur in such a huge porportion.
Obama is unique; Unique in the sense that he is worse than anyone could have ever imagined would occupy the White House and cause so much damage to the very country that gave him the opportunity to become what he has become.
His sycophant media cannot possibly cover up this travesty, and he shall live in infamy in history, no matter what the outcome from his failed attempts to organize America in his vision.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Barracky boy has accomplished something no other President has been able to do; Pull a perfect vacuum on a business suit, or any polo shirt!
His incompetence is astonishing, as I've been publishing for more than three years.
This BP oil accident is being milked for its 'catastrophic effect' which is much more desirable than a mere 'crisis', by this 'administration'. They haven't quite figured out how to take full advantage of a catastrophe as they would a mere crisis, but they're working on it as I type.
Beaches, marshes, animals, birds and fish, encrusted with crude oil are more visuals to heighten the outrage at the oil companies, and justify the 'administrations' demands for 'funding', as if there were no insurance or other resources to support these operations.
The daily actions of the federal government, and it's agencies, have been to delay, impede, and thwart all attempts to establish containment of the secreting crude by the impacted States, citizens, contractors, and volunteers, attempting to employ proven oil spill recovery methods.
And what better evidence is there than Barracky boys delay at his first response, and refusal to suspend the 'Jones Act'?

Friday, May 7, 2010


Barrack Obama and the Democrat Party are the largest group of enemies that the United States has on this planet.
They are facilitating sedition, illegal immigration, voter fraud, media corruption, political bribery, extortion, payola, graft, fomenting racial animosity, and complete discontent with the American citizen.
Their total lack of honesty and incompetence is a greater threat to the security of the United States than Al Qaeda. Their damage is accumulating on a daily basis, and has surpassed anything that has been accomplished by terrorism on U.S. soil.
The American People should indict every last one of them and send them to prison.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


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After more thought, and a nightmare or two about the SWAT team appearing at a TEA Party protest attended by about two dozen elderly retirees, It would not surprise me to see the juvenile in chief declare martial law for a manufactured 'crisis' just like this, or the purported 'crisis' in Arizona.
You know he'd love to do this! This would be a way to implement his 'Commander in Chief' role, and exert his 'authority' in a way for the entire world to see how 'militant' he is.
We KNOW more 'crises' are coming; He and his 'gang' cannot wait to fabricate the next one to justify their existence, make more headlines, and exert their power over the People. I'm betting good money that this juvenile will manufacture some 'crisis' surrounding the TEA Party activity, leading up to the elections and polling places in November, that will portray his ultimate intent to commandeer the elections and subvert the voting process.
I'm more reassured, every day, that We The People will have to pry the keys to the White House out of his cold dead hands. This punk DOES NOT concede power to anyone in the United States.
He already has his sycophants lining up to protect him like the little thug gang leader he is; Look at Hawaii, Harvard, ALL 'journalists' in the news media, AND CONGRESS!!!
I'm looking for Rush Limbaugh to focus on this ploy very soon, if not today.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


The enemies of the United States, internal and external, have the puppet they always wanted in B. Hussein Obama.
And with the momentum their agenda has, I believe there will be war if the Juvenile in Chief is not removed from office before the end of his term.
It's obvious they are not even trying to hide the fact, that they are moving ahead with their unilateral agenda.
The 'legislation' they are engaged in, against Wall Street, is classic criminal action based on the RICO statutes. And any financial firm that uses the 'creativity' they use for their budget projections, cost estimates, and other financial statements, would be indictable under many federal, state, and local RICO and other anti-trust, corruption, and racketeering statutes.
The entire planet has been dependent on the stability of the United States of America for decades.
When this administration gets it's agenda implemented, the entire world will be destabilized, and anarchy will thrive.
Our Founding Fathers were very aware of tyrants like these getting a foot hold in Our Government, and made provisions, in Our Constitution, for the citizens to recover their government. But, if The Citizens do not use these provisions to save themselves from tyranny, the United States shall be overthrown by a regime just like the Obama administration to empower itself.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


The grand scheme of the Democrat (socialist/communist) party, is to;
1. Reduce education to gain leverage with the young voters;
2. Create fear in everyone that wants to try to discuss "race" in any fashion;
3. Create fear in anyone whom wants to discuss politics in any manner unflattering to the "Party";
4. Undermine all capitalist activity, and promote "dependence on government";
5. Create fear in anyone wanting to cause dissent with the "Democrat Agenda".
A good way to see how this "Party" is taking over and moving in that direction, is to read an historical account of Fidel Castro and his takeover of Cuba.
Even the Cubans are discussing Obama's agenda and the similarities with the Castro Regime in Miami, on the spanish radio stations. AND THEY ARE DISCUSSING THESE DETAILS IN ENGLISH!
The Democrat Party is extremely dangerous to the citizens of the United States, and the future of generations of Americans, whom might not even be called Americans, when this "Party" gets its agenda fully implemented.
This "party" is demonstrating just how dangerous it is, and how unilateral it wants to govern with its daily, and continued, "legislation", now that it has the "power of majority rule".
It's "power of majority rule" will not last, and they are demonstrating that they want to shove every one of their "agenda items" through, even though they will be defeated so decisively in the next elections. Attaining their "agenda" is all they do care about.
This "agenda" should be intensely illuminating to their ultimate goals and views of just how they want to "manage" America.
Looking at this situation from afar; It looks as if this administration would have communism installed completely, within the next 2 years.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010




One thing Obama is successful at; DESTABILIZING THE PLANET EARTH.
The economy and security of planet earth is, and has been, reliant on the stability of the United States for more than a century.
Obama has done absolutely NOTHING to create any more security for the United States, nor any of the allies of the United States. His callous treatment of International Protocol has only fomented greater contempt from countries that have previously expressed animosity toward the U.S. before.
The next administration will have a monumental task of repairing the economic and physical security of many countries, including the United States.
With any luck, we shall make it to the next administration without an intercontinental war.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


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Anyone, whom has ever attempted to do their own taxes knows, there are innumerous deductions for taxes and expenses on the state and local levels. This revenue apportioned to the state and local governments, is SHARED WITH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. It is redistributed to the states by way of revenue sharing programs approved by the states and Congress. (Or the current graft being employed for votes by the Democrats).
Only the homeless vagrant can subsist day to day without paying any tax on anything. And even they can only avoid being taxed at their death if they die without any worldly goods.
Don't just take my word for it; Ask any Certified Public Accountant.
The United States STILL HAS THE HIGHEST STANDARD OF LIVING FOR THE MONEY. But, the current Administration and Congress is doing it's best, and working overtime, to change that statistic.
I shall defer to The National Review, American Enterprise Institute, Hoover Institution, and the Supreme Court, for insightful information on the level of taxation the Federal Government is entitled to.


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Besides hoisting a white flag over the White House, Pentagon, and Congress, what else can dear Barrack do to capitulate to our enemies?
The only thing he shows a penchant for is screwing up years of established protocol of every category.
Any day now, we're going to be getting news of mysterious accidents to our Conservative Leaders.
This is no long stretch from the outright bribery employed to pass healthcare and other legislation.
We get demonstrations by this Congress and this administration, every single day, that they do not intend to be governed by the Constitution, nor the People, whom just so happen to be the entity this government was founded by and for.
And they subpoena private citizens for infractions that they themselves have recently utilized.
Outside of public assassinations by this regime in Washington, what will it take to get the People to rise up against this tyranny?

Thursday, April 8, 2010


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Let's see:
I'm going to write an article that spreads the responsibility of rogue legislation around to everybody involved, so it will dilute the responsibility of the Totalitarian Democrat Party Government.
That's how I'll stir up some controversy.
And watch all the commentators go nuts over this one.


Barrack is the result of affirmative action on steroids with just a touch of "blow". Still the juvenile he always was, and playing any part for kicks.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Obama's tyrannical and totalitarian government is being hailed by all the other totalitarian governments the world over.
These other governments know they are being legitimized and supported by the most powerful government in the world.
They are reveling in the systematic dismantling of the United States Constitution, and the arrogant People that make up this nation.
When the destruction is considered complete, anarchy shall grow out of the overwhelming oppression imposed by these governments and wars shall ensue.
Many warring factions will rejoice in the carnage, mayhem, and insanity taking place, and even profit from the dismal human conditions forced upon peoples by their own governments and warring factions.
Many will rejoice in the monumental leap backwards for the human species, but not I.
My life span shall not permit me to live into this steadfast quest for primitiveness; But, I shall leave behind guides and teachings for my children, to aide in their survival for the recovery to a sophisticated society once again.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"...........generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. Says what the states can't do to you. Says what the federal government can't do to you, but doesn't say what the federal government or state government must do on your behalf."
Barrack Obama.
Barrack DOES understand the Constitutional basics; And he pushed his health care through even though he knew it was unconstitutional.
And so did his Congressional cronies.
Expect to see more "legislation" enacted in the Oval Office and approved by the felons in Congress.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The way I see it; The only way to offset the debt being mounted on future generations, is to spread it out among more debtors; By this I mean have more kids.
The only difference between the United States and China, for future generations, will be the language. The U.S. will look more like China than China itself.
And things manufactured in America will be regarded as the cheapest on earth.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The rats in Washington are using people for their health care experiments.
Where are the people’s rights activists?

Monday, March 8, 2010


“Watch me put those eggs back in that chicken!”
Since Clinton was our first black president, could Obama be our first Redneck president?


Obama making promises sounds exactly like this German leader who told the Jews:
"We're holding a meeting of all Jews in that auditorium over there, in about an hour. Just go make yourselves comfortable until the meeting starts."

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I’m sure President Zero will take any measure to have “In Barrack We Trust” printed on all our currency. With the respect the currency is getting from other nations, what difference would that make?
Part of his legacy is going to be a nation of welfare recipients equalled by no other nation.
Having such an under accomplished, ignorant, gullible, individual as Commander in Chief, enables the covert (?) communists (Rahm, Axelrod, Pelosi, Reid, etc.) to force through their agendas and policies.
Without the support and guidance of these “closet communists”, he would be completely disoriented, and foundering like a loose dinghy in a hurricane.

Friday, March 5, 2010


I'm reminded every day by the image of Obama pacing around the Oval Office, when I watch the last turd circle the toilet bowl before going down the drain.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


It has been discovered that Baracks boogers have been the the reason no one has found any evidence of Barack Obama's paperwork from any of his classes as the paperwork has been either stuck to other pages or folders, or it has been destroyed from jamming the copy machines and fax machines used to try to make or send copies.
His nose picking goes back to his childhood, where he was never told it was unacceptable, and unsanitary.
And, even today, Barack uses boogers as bookmarks. This is most likely the reason he hasn't provided any healthcare paperwork of his own.
It's not "Barack Hussein Obama, MMMMM, MMMMM, MMMMM", any more;
It's now "Barack Hussein Obama, boogety, boogety, boogety, boogety, shoo".

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Community Organization 101.

The unemployment in the United States, plays right into the hands of the Democrats. Thereby fulfilling their dependence on more federal government.
The benefit payments barely cover subsistence;
Extending benefits discourages job hunting;
The bad weather and lack of money keep people from going to Washington for massive demonstrations against their illegal legislation maneuvers;
And their media conveniently ignore any resemblance of protest from the citizenry.
If this ain’t communism, it’s still a good attempt to duplicate it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


The Reconciliation Process was enacted to address budgetary legislation.
So, apparently, the Democrat Party, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, plan on legislation that amends current Federal Healthcare Legislation in order to use "reconciliation" in the fashion it was intended to address budgetary legislation.
Needless to say, these people intend to twist the "reconciliation process" enough to apply to their desired legislation.
Any other application is illegal and unconstitutional. But, as we already know, illegal or unconstitutional doesn't mean crap to these people.
The Republican Party is going to be overwhelmed with indicting and investigating these criminals for years. No wonder the Republican Administrations don't get much meaningful legislation passed during their tenure.

Friday, January 15, 2010


- The Daily Caller – Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment - -

Secrets of TV news: Confessions of an anchorman
Posted By Megan Mulligan On January 15, 2010 @ 2:35 am In DC Exclusives, Editor's Picks, Middle Column, Politics, US | 35 Comments

The following was written by a well-known news anchor from a top-10, big city station:

For the last 30 years, I’ve devoted the better part of my life to frightening you, trying my best to make you believe that you are weak, vulnerable, dependent and at risk. I know what’s good for you. You don’t. I’ve tried hard for three decades to defy the laws of nature and return you to infancy, cradled in your mommy’s arm, suckling at her breast, all warm and cozy, not a care in the world. I am the tip of the spear of the liberal nanny state. I am ANCHORMAN!

Actually, I’m mostly serious. For the better part of my adult life, I’ve worked as an anchor and reporter at CBS, NBC and ABC affiliated newsrooms across the country — often complaining about the nanny-state liberalism that infects so much of news coverage. Arguably, local news is a more insidious and destructive force than the widely accepted liberal bias of networks and other national components of mainstream media. After all, study after study has demonstrated that local news is more widely watched — and, more importantly, more trusted than other forms of mainstream media. There is a case to be made that the steady drumbeat of hyped-up threats — SUV’s that roll over, kitchen-counter bacteria, road rage, swine flu, amber alerts and the stations’ willingness to enlist governments and institutions to solve those “perceived” problems, actually drives a lot of bad and unnecessary public policy.

But it’s a formula that has worked as a cash cow for your local TV station. It is no accident that most local TV stations market themselves with nanny-state slogans: “Channel 2: Working for you!” or “ABC 6: On your side!” You might say those slogans are a subtler version of, “NBC 5: Making your boo-boos all better!”

How did it get that way? Let me use one common story in local TV news as an example of the larger problem. Last month local TV newsrooms across the country, mine included, did dozens of stories about breast cancer. Dozens of them. It was after all, breast-cancer awareness month, and we, pardon the pun, milked it for all it was worth. In the words of another writer, our newscasts were all packaged in a “tight pink ribbon.” This was not an accident. Never mind the inconvenient little fact that breast cancer is not the leading killer of women — that would be heart disease. It’s not even the leading cancer killer. That would be lung cancer, followed by colorectal cancer. But why does breast cancer get coverage that is so disproportionate to its toll? Why don’t TV stations do month-long, flood-the-zone stories on, say, colon cancer? Because breast cancer is a disease tailor-made for the hype/fear factory of local TV news. In all the world’s cultures the breast has been a symbol of life and fertility. In American culture, it is a symbol of sex, too. How could your local TV station go wrong flooding the zone over this issue? Especially given the one demographic group your station desperately wants to cater to. More on that later.

It reminds me of the tidal wave of coverage of silicone breast implants controversy late in the last century. As you’ll recall, silicone breast implants (a uniquely American form of cosmetic body modification) were linked to a variety of ills, chief among them, auto-immune disorders. In a months-long media feeding frenzy, breast-implant victims were paraded before congressional hearings and press conferences, caring congressmen and compassionate trial attorneys at their side, dutiful reporters recounting their sincere stories of victimhood. Billions of dollars changed hands, law firms were enriched, legislation was passed and silicone manufacturers went bankrupt. Silicone implants were taken off the market. Thousands of people lost their jobs.

Just one small problem. The link between auto-immune disorders and silicone breast implants was ultimately disproved. That was a story you probably never saw on your local news. It didn’t fit the formula.

Here’s the formula. Highly trained Anchorman (booming authoritative, focus-group-tested voice at the ready) or better yet, Anchorwoman (compassionate voice and pouty face, furrowed brow at the ready), reads the headline, tosses to reporter. Hyperventilating reporter further frightens with victim sound bite, followed by sound bite from plaintiff attorney (”This poor victim needs to be compensated.”). Followed by politician sound bite (”I’m introducing legislation …”) followed by reporter tag, which may or may not include response from big, bad, deep-pocketed corporation. Interestingly, that last component — the response from the corporate evildoers, often becomes, in my experience, a throwaway part of many stories — something along the lines of, “The XYZ company denies any wrongdoing.” Or even, “The XYZ company was unavailable for comment at news time.”

I’ve even noted a pattern among some media-savvy trial attorneys. Often, they’ll fax or e-mail a press release of a pending lawsuit or action to newsrooms on Friday afternoons — enough time for a reporter to get a camera crew, head to the law office, get the sound bite for the evening deadline, but not enough time for the deep-pocketed corporation, with it’s multi-layered media information office, often located in a distant city, to respond before deadline time. So, the story airs, unchallenged, with the charges stewing and brewing over the weekend. The corporation is sucker-punched, feeding frenzy gains steam, politicians take note. Damage is done, forcing corporation to consider out-of-court settlement, sparing them more bad publicity, but most importantly, sparing the plaintiff attorney all of that hard work of trial preparation, but with an easy payoff .

I’ve used the example of breast implants, but the formula works for any perceived wrongdoing. And even if trial lawyers aren’t involved, victim status is — with the promise of fixing the boo-boo — “Working for you.” As one news director I worked for once said, “There are lots of things to be afraid of out there.” Indeed, cancer, household bacteria, child predators, hot weather, cold weather, tap water, electromagnetic fields, vaccinations, Chinese food, Mexican food, racism, fertilizers, homophobia, hate crimes, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

And, who is most likely to be afraid of these threats? Well, the mainstream media machine, cynically and manipulatively, believes it’s that key demographic group, women ages 18-49. They, according to consultants and marketing executives, control the household remote and make the buying decisions. No. One. Else. Matters.

In an ultimate display of hypocritical sexism, your local liberal newsroom treats women of that coveted demographic group as if they were frightened wards of the nanny state, as if they were children incapable of weighing risk against advantage, detriment against benefit. It plies them with a daily dose of all the things one must be afraid of. And it cynically taps into those traits that evolution has bestowed women with in greater quantity than men — compassion and empathy.

Compassion and empathy were feelings that newsmen and women of a bygone era, kept a very tight rein on — lest they lose objectivity and skepticism. Skepticism in the newsroom nowadays is in short supply. It strangely gets a pass from the perky, beautiful, 20- and 30-somethings who make up the bulk of newsroom staffs. They are too often uncurious. They walk in lockstep with the liberal orthodoxy. They give a pass to questions about global warming, what Hope and Change really mean, the costs that “clean” energy would impose and an infinite number of other issues of the day.

In the story plan meetings, the old school vets with their institutional knowledge are no longer there to block the predictable cliché-ridden ideas and assumptions. Often, a creepy kind of consensus is formed through the filter of political correctness. Naysayers are branded as malcontents. Who could criticize, for example, the dull, obligatory breast-cancer awareness walk idea from the reporter who volunteered to have a mammogram on TV? Or the “Stop the Violence Rally” idea from the African-American reporter who lives in the neighborhood of last week’s murder. Or the “Take The Subway to Work Day” story, proposed by the stations “green” reporter, himself a committed environmentalist or the AIDS day story from the young openly gay reporter?

It is a very narrow row from which these young journalism sprouts have been culled. Today, many large media companies have written policies — NBC/ General Electric and Gannett to name two — whereby station managers and executives cannot be promoted unless they themselves promote minorities and women. And where do managers go to ensure their own advancement, while hiring the perfect rainbow of staffers? The NABJ. NAHJ. NLGJA. NAHJ. These are the minority journalists associations. Black, Hispanic, gay and lesbian, Native American, Asian American. And curiously, among them, objectivity seems to be secondary to their particular form of advocacy and their “progressive” mandates. Each, in furtherance of their own mission is quick to claim victim status if quotas are not met or if their ideals are not expressed through “advocacy” journalism.

Much has been written about the reception, for example, that then-candidate Obama received when speaking at the National Association of Black Journalists convention in Chicago. It was a standing ovation, and a rush to the podium, so the fawning throng could have their picture snapped with the president-to-be. His opponent, John McCain received a smattering of polite applause.

It was no surprise then, more than a year later when President Obama, appearing at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, joked to the thousands of journalists in attendance, “Most of you covered me. All of you voted for me.” The line got a laugh … and then … in an insult to journalism, thousands in the crowd clapped and cheered, in affirmation of the truth. There was no shame for them. Quite the contrary, they reveled in it. The new mainstream media was on display for all to see in one giant, embarrassing ensemble. All of them feminized, sensitized and diversified. But it was also a perfect moment in time — thousands of nanny-state warriors, before their leader, ready to go forth to women ages 18-49 and spread the fear, and propose solutions of the state. What bad public policy may result, we have only begun to see.

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Monday, January 11, 2010


Just think: If the United States is attacked with Nuclear Weapons, and wiped out, Obama and Biden will be protected with the latest and greatest technology so they can survive and recreate the United States in their own image!
And with their own offspring!
The human race is completely doomed.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


What's wrong with this picture?
Islamic factions have declared war on the United States more than a decade ago, and continue to this day;
Illegal combatants have attacked, and continue to attack U.S. civilians and military in U.S. military uniforms and civilian clothes, while professing their allegiance to the largest, most overt, and outspoken, terrorist organization and their religion of Islam;
The alleged President of The United States, has declared "We are NOT at war with these factions";
Any combatants captured by the United States are treated as common criminals, and given U.S. Constitutional protections and free legal counsel;
The most prolific intelligence agency in the United States is threatened with prosecution from this alleged President, and his lackeys, for pursuing these illegal terrorist combatants;
This alleged President and his lackeys have decided that the terminology they will use for these attacks, and terrorist actions, will not denote the true nature of the actions, so as not to condemn them;
The U.S. servile media, has decided to take sides in this "war", by promoting this alleged Presidents quoted propaganda;
Absolute NEGLIGENCE abounds starting with this alleged President, and progressing through all his appointed servants;
United States Presidents are required to take an "Oath of Office" that they shall " PROTECT THE UNITED STATES FROM IT'S ENEMIES, BOTH FOREIGN AND ABROAD."