Thursday, March 24, 2011


Obama's execution of his "Presidential, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States" duties, from Rio De Janiero, while on vacation, plainly shows he intends to "wing it" as President of the United States.
Too many people in the U.S., knew this would happen, with this petulant juvenile, years before he was inaugurated, based on his prior performance as Senator from the state of Illinois.
This plainly clarifies that Obama does not know, or care, anything about his Constitutional duties, his duties to Congress, or his responsibility in instructing the U.S. Military, much less intending to honor his pledged obligations to the American People.
Obama is so callous as to his duties as Commander in Chief, Chief Executive, and arbitrator in Foreign Relations, he takes popular opinion more seriously than any legal constraints.
Someone would think, that, by now, Obama would know better than to just take a shot in the dark, temper his hubris, and seek wise counsel within his own ‘administration’.
But, this emphasizes Obama's display of unimportance toward his ‘administration’, (apparently doesn’t think there is any wise counsel within his ‘administration”), and is relying on his own immature judgement to execute the duties of President of the United States as he sees fit.
The Middle East unrest is being carried out because Obama's United States has emerged as a pinnacle of "Democracy" in the free world?
Only in the wildest, liberal, wet dreams.
Obama is HMFICC now. Bow to him.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The United States Constitution, and our Forefathers, never envisioned the citizens of the United States placing such a buttwipe in the highest office in our country.
Even as accomplished a buttwipe as he is, he cannot clean up this mess.
The Forefathers had a good sense for the intelligence and character of the people of the United States at the time, but, they never could foresee the deterioration of America in the fashion it has been proceeding.
It doesn't look there are enough GOOD PEOPLE left that can change this direction.
This will result in a "New World Order", alright. But, the average person will be enslaved again, by their oppressive government.
Could the United States Government evolve into the most oppressive government in history?
I think they have a running start.


As is being described by U.S. Military Generals, the forces we are allying with are some of the same forces we have been fighting in Afghanistan.
It should not be news to any American, that the Taliban and Al Qaeda, are masters of filling a leadership vacuum, and creating a militant theocracy to control the country and it's people.
And they make a formidable enemy. Witness the havoc inflicted on the Russian troops that engaged them for 10 years. And in October, 2011, it shall be 10 years of U.S. engagement in Afghanistan.
All this resistance has come from a clan that has no affiliation with any certain Country to give it support in manpower or materials.
The fundamental policy of the United States to establish peace and create stability, cannot be abandoned, or compromised. The American Forefathers were well aware of the price of establishing and maintaining peace and stability, and the expense shall never be anything resembling a bargain.
The current administrations conduct, is displaying ambivalence to this basic tenet, and all countries and world leaders are taking note of this behavior.
With the organized turmoil taking place in several countries across the Middle East, and no discernable leadership or individuals to deliberate with whom would describe the objectives of their movement, it looks extremely foolish to involve any countries manpower and military resources to enable their hollow triumph.
Americas former wars were fought with Countries and established Governments, that could be well defined. Once these wars concluded, America engaged in massive assistance to help rebuild infrastructure and establish commerce within these countries. This policy will become a certain combat victory for the 'rebel forces' we are now assisting.
With the most incompetent, irresponsible, and ill prepared individual, and 'administration', in power, to ever 'lead' our Nation into any conflict, the world is much less safe, and a much more treacherous place for all it's inhabitants.