Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Islamophobia" my ass!

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Whatever they want to call it; I don’t care how “politically incorrect” it is; Even if it’s considered paranoid, it’s a healthy paranoia to fear (respect your fear) Islam and it’s creeping into our Democracy. It only has ONE ULTIMATE GOAL; That goal has to be defeated. “We the People” are tasked with this endeavor, and if “We the People” fail, it’s crystal clear what our demise shall be.
Use your liberties now, or kiss them goodbye.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Islamic Curiousity

So, following the Islamic thinking, when does the Koran promise to destroy itself for the good of its people and the assurance of its existence?............................Waiting!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fear Political Correctness

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Muhammad was an extremely violent and intelligent warrior. He recognized fear was a powerful motivator. And two images men feared most were a god and death. Thus, the basis for his "religion".
Once convinced these fears were deeply perceived, he incorporated tenets to further strengthen the basis of fear.
The fear "We the People" exhibit with our "Political Correctness" is rife for any radicalism to gain a secure accomplishment.
"We the Peoples" government anoints itself by criminalizing our language and is too busy stomping out political flare ups to look far enough ahead to see the true source of the fire. (And it's not global warming.)
We the People are doomed; For the socialist, radical, irresponsible media, and legislators, have created inroads to our basic fears. The article itself warns of the results.

In regards to global warming alarmists;

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Since there have been so many agencies and authorities cited with such a variation of results and opinions, as well as political agendas, I had to reply with my evaluation; Indeed simplified, but arguably true.
The “Authorities” have been subjects in our so called education system and taught bias by biased professionals; They then work for agencies and firms that have their agenda for profit; These professional authorities then program the computers and take polls with the end results predetermined. If your employer doesn’t practice the agenda you like, find another employer who does, or start your own business that can implement your desired agenda. And then you find a sympathetic legislator that will direct federal and local funding in your direction. (Indeed, this applies to many other articles, but, since there are so many authorities and agencies cited here, it applies.)
I am aware of the educational bias by way of personal interaction with family relatives that were the biased professionals of whom I speak.
Any authoritative treatise should be examined with vigilance taking into consideration the possible end results desired by its authors.
Even my own.
We the People are still subjects of some ones agenda, but we still do have a secret ballot and a few liberties left. There are too many subjects with direct influence on our daily lives that cannot be mastered by any one individual. Each individual has to sift through the information provided and determine their own course of action or inaction. The most detrimental authority to us all, is being subject to a charismatic jurisdiction; i.e. The incoming presidential administration.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Obama Two

Seeing the appointments to Obamas Cabinet looks like Clinton redux; And the left media was worried about Bush redux! GTFO!
Poor Obama; Clinton was the first black President, too!

The United Auto Workers Union Bailout

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This article points out the blatant efforts of the Democrats to indemnify itself and ensnare the laborers with pay to work (or “Pay to Play”) employment. Any union member knows unions take their money and use it for PAC’s which promote union growth and dominance. Unions have caused the downfall of many large companies and organizations; Eastern Airlines; National Airlines; U.S. Air Traffic Controllers for just a few. A bailout for Detroit auto makers would give the unions greater power throughout the U.S. The Detroit automakers can’t be competitive unless they can get loose from the unions stranglehold. If Detroit has a good business model, it can survive and come back into the market a more lean, mean, manufacturing machine, that can be competitive the world over.
This should be obvious to the "We the People" that this is more action by the Democrats, to create a more nationalist/socialist government structure which enables Democrats to strengthen their power base and influence.

Response to "Normalizing Relations with Cuba".

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Being familiar with the Cuban situation since before the “Cuban Crisis” in the late ’60s, The U.S. government coddles Cubans like no other immigrant. There are laws covering Cuban refugees that are meant to apply to Cubans explicitly, thanks to Jimmy Carter.
My real question is; Why has Cuba never been invaded by expatriates wanting to start a coup? Apparently, the U.S. is too accommodating and comfortable. I have sailed around Cuba in an American flagged sailing vessel, and have not been harassed. There have been regattas of sailing vessels from Tampa/St.Pete that have docked in Havana. Until The Miami Herald ran an article about the blatant smuggling of Cuban cigars and liquor several years ago, anyone wanting to travel to Cuba from the Florida Keys was unrestricted. Refugee smuggling has been going on for years. Cuba is a sizable island, but if Cubans REALLY wanted to invade and take their precious island back from the Castro regime, it would not be difficult. I’d guess that 33% of Cubans in south Florida have a power boat capable of a round trip to the island; That’s a sizable armada.
Anyone remember “Alpha 66″? An organization of Cuban expatriates who “trained” in the Everglades on weekends with their M-16’s, etc, smoked some good cigars, got drunk, went back to work Mondays, came back next weekend for more “war games”? I think they all traded their M-16s in for boats. They’ll be in the Boat Parade this weekend in Ft. Lauderdale.
Actually, this looks like what “We the People” are becoming in the United States; A country with a disfunctional government that uses our money for their unilateral purposes, while its citizens throw ink and insults back at it.
And, get this; The Cuban government has a greater satisfaction percentile than the U. S.!
(See also: http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/the-decay-and-fall-of-the-west/)

Monday, December 8, 2008

U.S. Governments (We The Peoples') Economics

Let's get down to reality; Washington politicians know they need cash flow through government coffers to justify their "labor". With this cash, they may pay back the districts they hail from, and reward the voters for their votes. And, vote themselves hefty rewards, such as a raise in pay and benefits.
You cannot make SOMETHING out of NOTHING. The entire U.S. economy, as well as most other nations, is constructed, and functions on a debt structure.
This is evidenced by the the current Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac failures, and the haste with which the politicians bailed them out.
The auto industry is another case of evidence. They are currently THREATENING the government (we the people, actually) with massive revenue losses, and massive job losses. This is not a new situation. It has happened to many other large companies; Eastern Airlines, National Airlines, the Air Traffic Controllers during the Reagon Administration.
The auto industry has simply overgrown itself. And since it is not a quasi-governmental organization, such as Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, or the U.S. Post Office, will have to be more creative to save itself, or suffer the fate of the foregoing companies. I might suggest "creating" an automobile shortage, or creating an auto industry OPEC that will cut back on auto production to maintain auto prices.
The auto industry could, and should apply for a loan from the World Bank, which is in walking distance from the Capitol Building. This is how "commerce" functions.
Another example of U.S. economics; No more "silver certificate" printed on U.S. currency. Only "In God We Trust". And this is attested to by a couple of signatures; So, if money is your problem here in the good ol' USA, have you talked to God about it?