Sunday, December 16, 2012


I know many are as angry as I am about the senseless, savage, attack at the grade school in Newtown Connecticut. Angry that I am incapable of relieving the misery and despair of the victims and their families, and provide any consolation of enduring substance.
I cannot be angry with any God, since I know He does not engage in the endeavors of mankind. Yet there may be consolation in invoking a God to help the healing process, however minute that may be.

Mental illness was most definitely a significant factor in this performance of depravity, and apparently, was not being managed to a degree necessary to alleviate the evil spirits that so often torment the minds of the afflicted.
This incident will create much discomfort in the psychological community, for there are new questions to answer and barbaric behavior to control. After centuries of studying aberrant behavior, a huge setback is encountered when an incident of this wickedness occurs in such a quintessential model of American society.

A "personality disorder" is what Adam Lanza was diagnosed with. If a "personality disorder" is what can transform an outwardly normal and intelligent child into a raging mass murderer, then we have ample evidence that many of the politicians calling for more comprehensive gun regulation, be medicated and closely monitored for any harmful or destructive behavior to themselves or others. And I offer Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg as the most illustrious examples of this disorder. Rather than address the "personality disorder" and condemn it for the evil that it surely is, they express their anger at imperfect regulation of the very object that could have stopped this heinous act.

Alleviation of the anger may never occur for many parents and loved ones, but a healthy level of healing has to take place to prevent more "personality disorders" from overcoming the bereaved. And once a level of rationalization is attained, a fortification of facilities for children in these venues must be reinvigorated.

Being a mortal and understanding it’s limits is part of being an intelligent and fully functioning human being. 

What we accomplish and pass on during our lives is what is most important to the dissemination of social awareness and the emotional health and success of our loved ones.
And these qualities are not innate to our DNA.
The most sophisticated individual cannot enlighten the one that fails to, or is incapable of, considering the wisdom and knowledge. Yet this endeavor is essential to our enlightened providence. 

It pains me to have to write about an event as heinous as this. But, it is one avenue of alleviating my own anger and employing what I have found to be one step in the healing process.
I hope you find yours.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


America is fast becoming the most up to date version of the old Soviet Union. Taking a close look at the latest developments in American government one can see a trend toward a "union" style of management, where all occupants are conscripted members, and pay dues whether they wish to or not.
This "union" will determine what is necessary for daily and lifelong subsistence, and the "members" will pay whatever "dues" are determined "fair" by the government leaders in Washington, D.C. This philosophy has such foresight it can charge membership to occupants not even born yet.
What a philosophy!
These "governors" are so greedy, they are levying taxes on the offspring of all occupants, and use these funds for their current spending projects!
Just think about that for a moment; They are spending money they may have a possibility of collecting, but they are not completely sure they will collect it.
Anyone with the most basic money handling skills can see a problem here.
The "fiscal cliff" that everyone has heard about is fast approaching. This entire philosophy will be discovered to be nothing but a juvenile attempt to rob anyone perceived to be affluent. 

And of course, there are members of this "union" that believe this is all for their benefit. Enough of these "believers" have turned out to elect the leader of this philosophy to a second term, so he can fine tune this philosophy.
"The Life of Julia" is a prime example of their intended goal, and they are proud to publish it.
If you are not scared yet, just wait a few months. Reality has a firm grip, and won't let you escape.
For a follow up article, see "Why I Despair", by Charles C.W. Cooke, by clicking this article title.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Absolutely everything Obama does, he does from a purely "political" perspective.
Let's analyze what he has done to date:
He has allowed unemployment to grow and stagnate. This creates a larger percentage of people who are disgruntled about not finding a suitable job, and angry at the "rich" and capitalism.
He has intentionally fortified the people with food stamps. This has the effect of creating another group of angry people, capable of voting their anger, and directing it at the "rich" and capitalism.
He has made it easier to stay on welfare, creating another contingency of voters angry at the "rich" and capitalism.
He has tried to allow, and promote, large groups of angry Mexicans to overwhelm local governments, cities, and welfare systems, that will be able to cast votes even if they are illegal.
He has thrown away large sums of money that create another group of angry voters by allowing and promoting monumental waste of taxpayer funds in solar energy companies.
Can you now see a pattern?
It is thorough in it's purpose. 
His speeches always contain the exact same undercurrent: "It's them against us".
Even Joe Biden sounds out of synch with Obama most of the time, until you put his speech in context with Obamas where he always tries to work up the crowd against the "rich" and capitalism.
It is a thoroughly planned out modus operandi. It even has conservatives angry and polarized to the point where discussion and dialog between liberals and conservatives cannot evolve, and ends up with people more polarized.
Take our Congress for example: What is Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi doing to facilitate this polarization process?
This all falls back to what Obama's expertise is all about: Community agitation.

This November is truly going to be an election between "us and them". But, if you dislike your disgruntled condition, and want to have a brighter future, free from a manipulative Democrat Party, a greater possibility of gaining and attaining a better quality of life in the near term, you had better not vote for the Democrat ticket.
You'll be dooming yourself and family to many more years of angry, disgruntled, politics, specifically aimed at keeping you in the disgruntled state, so as to keep you angry at the "rich" and capitalism.
And if you think I'm wrong, just keep this idea in mind when you hear their next public speech.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


So, how can Obama win re-election running with this "reverse stimulus" on his record, along with every other economically devastating legislation and spendthrift behavior engaged in since this Democrat Party has been in power since 2006?
There will have to be voting booths set up throughout Mexico with free cotton candy for all voters that are managed by the New Black Panther Party.

My prediction is Obama gets slammed in a landslide. If this doesn't happen, the United States will turn into a third world country with Democrat Dictators in power for generations.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Cafeteria now open:

Featuring employment assistance; Housing assistance; Food stamps; Economic assistance; Free attorneys, education, and healthcare.

(No whites allowed).


An excerpt from an essay on recovering the “governance of the People” from an abusive government, back to “by and for the People”.
 (Emphasis in bold is mine.)
……….”If self-governance means anything, it means that those who exercise government power must depend on elections. The shorter the electoral leash, the likelier an official to have his chain yanked by voters, the more truly republican the government is. Yet to subject the modern administrative state’s agencies to electoral control would require ordinary citizens to take an interest in any number of technical matters. Law can require environmental regulators or insurance commissioners, or judges or auditors to be elected. But only citizens’ discernment and vigilance could make these officials good. Only citizens’ understanding of and commitment to law can possibly reverse the patent disregard for the Constitution and statutes that has permeated American life. Unfortunately, it is easier for anyone who dislikes a court’s or an official’s unlawful act to counter it with another unlawful one than to draw all parties back to the foundation of truth.”……………
It must be said that;
The mandated decay of the American educational system leaves the average American citizen all too susceptible to socialist propaganda, by its elected ruling class, that considers the average citizen too weak in knowledge or skills to deal with the details and minutia of formulating regulations and ordinances. The citizenry is berated by individuals that are products of the same educational system, and no better prepared to legislate than the very citizens they berate.
Seems to me that the most effective means to begin recovering our Republic is through the education of our youth, with accomplished and knowledgeable constituents of the Republic that are aware of the exigency of the future of the Republic. The knowledgeable among us already know that history abounds with examples of socialist communities that caved in upon themselves.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Where is the call for discretion from those whom have the loudest voices in the media or the highest offices in the land for a confrontation and shooting in Sanford Florida that resulted in a death of a young man?
Nowhere to be found. Not a peep. Not even any addresses of caution to the over-reactions of the "aggrieved".
Even after retracting statements, retracting videos, and attempting to replace the original statements and videos, there has not been any condemnation of the Nazi tactics employed by the race hustler industry or the media.
This is a travesty which illustrates the complete corruption of both the highest office holders in the land, and the media that have knowingly published this fraudulent testimony.
This incident, and it's aftermath, clearly emphasize what can be expected from this media and the regime it supports.
"Wag The Dog" theory has been cited by many, and that seems to be the case.
Since there are no calls for intellectual deliberation from this regime, they must have some reason for not addressing the problems;
They lust for this type of dissension to foment into a crisis that requires government intervention.
After all, isn't it through government intervention that they have displayed their most competent expertise? Isn't it through government intervention and oversight that they have "saved" Genaral Motors and many other industries? Is it not the President that castigates the Supreme Court, and threaten the Justices that dispute his authority?
They have examined their options, and determined that a good level of civil disorder is what is required for them to intervene and distract the nation from the criminal activity being employed, daily, by this regime in Washington. They have already exposed their intention to stand by and let terrorism be displayed at polling places by "their people".
All their actions, to date, should be evident what activity they will condemn, and which they will exploit for their convenience.
I am not the only one voicing this theory.
I can only hope I am proven wrong, and America will not be imprisoned for another four years by a totally hostile government intent on condemning America to death and raping it of all it's prosperity.
If this regime is granted one more chance to implement their totalitarian directorate, America becomes nothing more but another nation taken to destruction by a corrupt government.
The effects to the United States, by an incompetent and corrupt regime, may even cause the demise of the entire planet.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Affirmative Action is creating a nation of indolence, since it unfairly endows certain groups of people status not otherwise attainable, while penalizing the very foundational groups the establishment owes it's existence to.
Recent racial hostilities illustrate this paradigm with startling clarity.
The American government is rewarding parasitic behavior.
The consequences are ignored to it's peril.

Updated 4/4/2012 1156 A.M.
And here's proof that Mr Zimmerman was an advocate for the black community in his own home town.This needs to go viral:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Has not everyone been convinced that Obama knows nothing about economics yet? His tele-prompter economics sounds good, but is completely naive. All the worlds leaders know this.
Obama is nothing but a coin slot or card reader for the Democrat Party Machine which is in it's victory lap around the Constitution and Supreme Court.
America has the biggest dunce in the White House that they could find to accommodate the Democrat/Socialist Machine in it's conquest of the American economy. The plan is working like a charm.
Looking forward, I wonder where these predators intend to seek refuge. Obama has Kenya or Indonesia. The others will be slain like dogs in the street as the representatives of the Great Satan they have been.
These predators are proceeding with impunity, but will not escape the "justice" they will reap from the conquered masses they seem to think they have at bay.
The Muslim Brotherhood will put exorbitant prices on their heads, and the entire world will be energized with anticipation of collecting the rewards.
It's truly amazing that these predators seem to believe they are above reproach for their cannibalism. Oaths of office, ethical and moral obligations mean nothing to this gang of mercenaries. Thankfully, the world works in a more just fashion. Vicious deeds do not go unpunished. Gaia maintains a balance no one can obstruct.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Ethics. ETHICS!
Be prepared to protect yourself from "Ethical Attacks" from the most unethical Administration and Congress to ever inhabit Washington.
Ethics, nor any "Oath of Office", means anything to them, unless YOU are the subject of the Oath or unethical behavior.
With agencies and personnel such as the Department of Justice(?), Department of Labor(?), ACORN, teachers, police, and firefighter unions, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, John Kerry, Eric Holder, Tim Geithner, Charles Rangel, Maxine Waters, Jon Corzine, etc. etc. etc. They have already proven, beyond any doubt, that they will "bring a gun if we bring a knife". Their "Oath of Office" is honored in the same respect as the local windshield washer. THEY are going to attack US on ETHICS! And they have their "junk yard dog media" to assist them.
You'd better be prepared for a scorched earth campaign against OUR presidential candidate with every resource they can terrorize or intimidate.

One of the best things Newt Gingrich can do to prepare himself for the cage fight to take place is have Callista kick him in the gonads at the most unexpected time every morning, until he is either defeated or nominated.
And you know it is going to be a cage fight, with OUR representative in the cage, and them taking turns in the cage attacking US and OUR representative.
Newt attacking Mitt is only a small rehearsal for the street fight to come from the Obama Establishment. And if you don't think it will be a street fight, you are a total fool. Anyone not preparing for the savage attacks to come, will be slaughtered, their family and children slain, their house and barn burned, and their heirs jailed and prosecuted.
The Congo will look more like America than the United States.