Thursday, July 13, 2017

It's becoming very obvious that the "Russian Election Hacking" was in the Democrat's arsenal for combating the loss of the 2016 election for a couple years.
It's clear, now, that this "Russian hacking/collusion" scenario was intended to be used against any candidate that defeated the HITLERy.
There's too many coincidences being exposed, such as Veselnitskaya and her high level permission by the Dept. of Justice, to remain in the U.S., illegally, and perform underground activities for the Democrat Party and Obama administration.
This exact same offensive would have been employed against any winner in the 2016 election, other than HITLERy herself.
The reason this campaign has reached such high levels of hysteria, is that they never believed The Donald would beat their dilapidated candidate so dramatically.
They failed, drastically, in their blitzkrieg campaign to sway opinion and faith in an all American candidate.
The Democrats and their sycophant media, has been throwing grenades at the Republicans and Conservatives, and those grenades have been tossed back only to blow up and injure the Democrats and their agitprop media conglomerate.
There's nothing like watching Karma in full swing!