Monday, October 20, 2008 & its political leaning.

If you don't think this web site is "Left", try doing a "Search for Friends" (once you are a member) for both Democrat and Republican. There are approx. 6200 more registered Democrats than Republicans who make comments to these articles. Independents number 11818. And you do not have to be a U.S. Citizen, or even live in the USA to make comments. These threads are open to Al Qaeda, Hamas, Fata, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea, Venezuela, etc.
So do not be disturbed by rabid comments about capitalism. Around the world, Republicans are outnumbered, but, we are the strongest nation on the planet. Thanks to the foresight of our Founding Fathers.
You shall find socialist governments throughout our planet because they are self fulfilling. Once installed, they are very difficult to unseat. This should be ample evidence that electing Obama to our government, or any one like him, could be devastating to our cherished existence.

The Depth of Obamas Socialism.

How much more evidence do you need to show the depth of Obamas socialism? And the same goes for the socialist media. Why else would the media attack an ordinary citizen for exposing Obamas idea on "financial justice"? "Financial Justice" is the term Obama has used when he was writing his college thesis and in speaking to his earliest audiences.

If Obama is elected, Pelosi, the Wicked Witch of the West, and her Flying Monkey, Harry Reid, will cause so much devastation, there may not be recovery. How many of our enemies are waiting for an opportunity like this?

And voting in Obama is showing your approval of Congress, because they'll have unequaled power. You people need to do some research on socialist societies of the past and present to see the proof. It's as close as the search box on your browser.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My earliest research on Obama uncovered his term "financial justice". And he has stayed true to this idea throughout the campaign.
There's going to be "financial justice", alright. He's going to drag the U.S. into such a quagmire, the conservatives will have to invent a new nation. In fact, I will volunteer to be its first janitor to become a member.
An Obama presidency will make James Bond movies look like fairy tails. If there is a God, he has to help us now!.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Response to an article on Age Discrimination @

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I have experienced age discrimination in many circumstances. On job interviews, one of the first comments has been "How old are you?". I have called back to employers where I had a great interview, and asked what happened; I was told they thought I would be too old to keep up the pace!
Talking with other skilled craftsman, we had much in common since, younger workers, with much less experience and skills, would criticize us for our age and lack of stamina.
When you are skilled and experienced, you can accomplish much more with a lot less energy.
They hire individuals who show promise and can be an asset to a company; Yet, when they become that very asset, they are conspired against for replacement by a cheaper imitation.
I am retired, now, because I refused to be a subordinate to an individual (younger than my own son) whom had never supervised people before, and did not really care to acquire the skills of a good manager (and yes,more age discrimination). Had I not retired, I would have looked for other employment or started another business. Early in my work life I had a different job every two months for about one year because I ended up not liking the employer.
In my case, I have acquired what I ultimately worked for. And kept my pride doing it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Congressional Global Integrity.

Pelosi and the pathetic Democrat Congress are a bigger failure than George Bush, whom they keep bashing. Congress has a lower approval rating and a lower success rating than George. When it came to a critical decision point, (the financial meltdown), Congress choked, but was forced to a plan that, so far, hasn't done a damn thing, but create more instability. Look at the crap that was added to the final bill! This Congress cannot be in session one day without taking a shot at George Bushes kneecaps!       
Any rational person in the U.S. can see that the global rating of Congress is just as bad. And they want to put somebody such as Barack Obama in the White House! WHAT A JOKE! Obama has the same regard for the U.S. as Kofi Annan. The global integrity of the U.S. will reach a new low and may not recover. Need I remind you that we have experienced "sleeper cells" in the U.S. before. And I pose it to you that ACORN is as close as you are going to get to a "sleeper cell" taking its toll on our Constitution. 
Congressional actions demonstrate they are not wanting to listen to "We the People". This should illustrate that coming events shall be more of the same incompetent, partisan, and costly legislation.
 There have been revolutions, in our history, over much less. And a revolution is warranted at this time by the conservative activists of the U.S. 
These articles are meant for just that purpose. If the Democrat(Socialist) Party gets any more power, this very  "absolute privilege" shall be under attack.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Obama the Magician!

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Thomas Sowell slays another dragon for us. I can sincerely hope that he gets his word out to the people that count. There's not enough sources of criticism and discussion as poignant as this.
I'd like to know what country Michelle Obama was proud of before the U.S?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

More of "The Real Obama", by Thomas Sowell.

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Excellent article by Mr. Sowell; Points out how Obama's shallow and hollow economic knowledge will lead to complete unaccountability with Democrats in power. There'll be so much graft and corruption in the Federal Government, under Obama, that it will overwhelm the justice system. The average American citizen will replace Monica Lewinski under Obama.
There is evidence that this is part of the "Obama Doctrine" and subversive tactical training. He has been mentored by a student of Saul Alinsky's, and has studied and taught the Alinsky method of "Community Organizing". JESUS! If this Democrat puppet gets in the White House, there'll be race riots, race wars, a world war and civil war. And the terrorists will so busy laughing they'll not be able to set off their suicide vests.
(And when the Democrats and Liberals read that last line, they'll use that excuse to vote for him.)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Voting Instructions

NEWS FLASH! Anyone voting for Obama/Biden must bring identification which clearly shows your bank, savings, and retirement account number, with p.i.n., and a "Quit Claim Deed". As you exit the polling place, you will be given a khaki uniform, certificate of completion for your lobotomy, and instructions on how to check "BLIND" on your 2009 1040EZ.

Friday, October 3, 2008


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Shades of things to come.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate

Palin is chewing Biden into little bite size pieces. Biden is chewing himself into a hole.

Some truth in a confusing media tirade.

They are called "conservative" for a reason. They intend to "conserve" the traditions of the U.S. Constitution. And "conserve" the traditions of the Founders of our nation. It is not an easy job, nor an easy idea to defend. But, these defenders realize that what they do effects their families, and the families of their families.
Liberals are 'liberals" because they think that there is so much glut and waste that there is more to go around for everyone. This is such a sad mistake.
If the U.S. Constitution (and need I say U.S.?) intended to incorporate liberal ideas, it would more replicate IDEALS of other nations that are not as prosperous and influential as the United States. This nation stands alone as the most prosperous and influential BECAUSE of its (to date) Conservative agenda. 
Can anyone, for arguments sake, introduce another global government, that is in such a state of attack from within?
That is precisely because no other government ALLOWS our level of dissension of its people. 
Our military engages in conflicts completely around the planet for the purpose of GUARANTEEING this American belief and Constitutional Right of Freedom Of Expression and Freedom Of Speech. 
Needless to point out, wars are engaged around our planet, for these very reasons. A battle is taking place, from within, for the Commander in Chief of the United States. And the prosperity and integrity of the United States, as well as our families, is at stake. Taking an irresponsible risk on a candidate that has nothing to share with the voters except a good speaking record is reckless and suicidal. 
You've heard before, that our system isn't perfect. But name one that you would rather be living under. If you can do that, you are living in the wrong country and under the wrong "constitution". AND YOU ARE PERMITTED TO LEAVE AND CONDEMN YOUR AFFILIATION WITHOUT THREAT OF DEATH!
MY conviction is; Liberals are lacking with insufficient knowledge to choose a leader that has their most basic needs in mind.  Read "Moby Dick" and you will find a most illustrative example.
Casting a vote, in the U. S., is not a visceral engagement. It should be separate, and, ultimately, cognitive.

The "Socialist Movement" in U.S. Housing.

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Good article from the Wall Street Journal on what transpired to create the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac collapse. Goes to show how much the Democrats have an agenda for Socialism. These people have control of the purse for the United States. FRIGHTENING!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Video-Burning Down the House.

Found this on You Tube called "Burning Down the House". Had trouble getting it at first. Go quick before it's gone!


VP Debate

To be completely above board and credible, Gwen Ifill should recuse herself as moderator of the debate since she stands to gain, financially as well as professionally, from the Obama/Biden campaign winning the debate and the presidency. But, do you think anything like this is going to happen? No way!  If I were Palin, I would ask her on the stage to recuse herself, or I would leave. 
This is just one more indication of how the Obama Administration is going to function with all its "comrades" in the White House and Legislature. It will be a free for all for the entire Obama Administration and the Pelosi gang. There will be so much corruption and criminal activity, it will overwhelm the courts and justice system. Another reason these very Democrats want to instill complete gun control. They're afraid that a well armed militia could cause a rebellion large enough to be effective.
President Bush should indict several members of Congress and the media as conspirators and co-conspirators in the criminal activity, embezzlement, tax evasion, and cover up taking place by so many members of Congress. The U.S. socialist media is blatantly complicit and not even trying to pose as neutral. The Justice Department should be involved in the current activity even without being directed by the President.
If no action is taken soon, there is going to be tyranny. The troubles we're experiencing now are only a rehearsal for next year. 

Thursdays VP Debate.

Interesting article in Investors Business Daily about the moderator, Gwen Ifill. She just so happens to be a disciple of Obamas. Should be a very interesting dog and pony show. 
Strange, how listening to one media source predicts such great things under Obama, and another media source predicts such gloom and doom. As you know, I can visualize the gloom and doom from an Obama administration. From the sources I get, I would say the Obamanation will prove itself to be aptly named. With rampant crime and corruption. Rape, as well as abortion, will be legalized since rape is what most people and institutions are going to experience to their bank accounts, retirement funds, wages, and businesses.
And again, you can see how the Obamanation, I mean the Obama Administration is going to have its disciples (tentacles)
in places not suspected. We will be a model for socialist governments everywhere!

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