Tuesday, November 25, 2014


And the Grand Jury has declared: "No charges to be filed against police officer Darren Wilson."
Justice WAS served in Ferguson the very day Brown attacked Wilson. Anyone else trying the same stunt can expect summary judgement of a very similar fashion.
But, Brown’s death isn’t enough for the race racketeers. They intend to instigate more violence which will result in more dead victims. And probably mostly black victims.
This is the most blatant display of ignorance yet, out of the race racketeers, a U.S. President and Attorney General.
It illustrates what pathetically small minded people they really are. 
And there’s no reason for the media to report the truth; That wouldn’t sell their advertising.
The American People are witnessing the rise of the Federal Grifters Party, content with fomenting any discontent, savagery, or destruction of property or personal character.

Friday, July 11, 2014


I hope everybody is aware that the United States is in the midst of a complete Constitutional breakdown, thanks to Congress not throttling Obama long ago.
Just start at Drudge and follow the stories from there.
Our Commander in Chief has ordered most government employees to commit mutiny, and they are happy to comply.
In any orderly command structure, the ranking officer is relieved of duty when his dereliction reaches this malicious level.
Obama is heading up this human trafficking scheme for the sole purpose of padding the Democrat Party's voter allocation, and disenfranchising a large portion of the Conservative vote.
And he asks for more money to make sure they are educated in how to vote.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Obama threatens Putin with the history and rhetoric of what previous U.S. Presidents have attained in foreign policy, but has no idea how these Presidents accomplished their objective.
Obama, an Affirmative Action poster boy and trainee in the art of community agitation, is up against Putin; A life long student of Russian KGB tactics and strategy, who has studied under some of the worlds greatest, most successful, agents and dictators.
In meetings, the body language tells the complete story; Putin is toying with Obama, is bored, but is using the meetings for full photographic opportunity to illustrate what an inexperienced Commander in Chief Obama really is. Putin displays his knowledge of Russian Foreign Policy, while Obama displays his expertise at memorizing short retorts and talking points rehearsed in the immediate 48 hours before the conference.
Not only is Putin unimpressed with Obama’s talk and demeanor, but it is reinforced by a bloviating, Secretary of State, who is making hollow speeches about how “out of date” Putin is with his Foreign Policy. These two fools sincerely believe Putin can be intimidated with petty pomposity.
And while world dictators have read, ad nauseam, about the rampant, and careless, lawlessness of the Obama Administration in domestic affairs, it indicates to them what simpletons are in charge of the once, most powerful nation on Earth.
The United States has a serious vacuum in the experience and intellectual capacity of its highest levels of government, but the Bolshevik politicians and press are prohibiting that vacuum from being relieved by concentrated barrages of character assassination of anyone with the strength of character that attempts to illustrate this entrenched incompetence. 
With the war of acumen being fought, and lost, in the media, and unashamedly published for the entire world to see, how does anyone, with basis common sense, think We can intimidate a Russian Dictator?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


When you have the, Internal Revenue Service, Environmental Protection Agency, National Labor Relations Board, United States Department of Justice, Supreme Court of the United States, Federal Reserve, Department of Education, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Department of Health & Human Services, Department of Defense, Department of the Treasury, GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE, 50% of Congress, 99% of the main stream media in TV, print, and radio, with groveling journalists, IN YOUR POCKET, and STILL CAN’T GET YOUR JOB DONE, you must be a certified moron.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


The Obama gestapo is broadcasting the idea that you can get a better job when you decide you don’t like your health insurance options.
If you believe that, then the sun will rise in the north tomorrow, and this will fulfill your global warming beliefs, as well.
How stupid do the Democrat/Communist Party U.S.A./Obama gestapo, think the American people are?
If they can convince their sycophants to quit a full time job with undesirable benefits, and look for another job with more desirable benefits, they’ll have no chance to qualify for unemployment compensation.
 And with the current job prospects, who’s going to get another job anywhere that will be a regular 40 hour, or more, a week?
This Obama gestapo has snookered the welfare class, and removed any chance they have at redeeming their dignity for three or more generations, while engineering a method to reduce the unemployment figures and paying out unemployment compensation.
When will these poor people wake up and see how the Obama gestapo is bleeding them dry of their lifestyle and dignity, simply for their loyalty at the voting booth?

Monday, January 20, 2014


Barracky boy stated that his popularity is going under because of RACISM.
I only hate his white half; Therefore it's impossible for me to be RACIST.


I posted the following comment at National Review Online (NRO):
"(drum roll).
To the comments section after the article about Chris Christie's malfeasance.
IT WAS DELETED!!!!!!!!!!
It looks like the NRO crew is a bunch of "Bloomberg Republicans".
What a bloody shame.


Barrack Obama agrees to a lie detector test, and on the preliminary questions to establish a base line, he is asked what his name is.
"Barrack Hussein Obama", he states.
The lie detector reacts so violently, the test conductor is immediately incinerated, and the power grid for the entire east coast of the United States is shut down by the electrical surge.