Thursday, July 15, 2010


Obama's engaged in "lingchi" which is the Chinese technique of 'Death by a Thousand Cuts".
And he seems to be enjoying every moment.
Who would have thought we would ever have a president that would ignore and even trash the Constitution; Use the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court for implementing his own agenda in trashing the Constitution; Use the race organizations to foment racial strife; Use his wife to foment racial hatred; Intentionally slight our allies and cower to our enemies to undermine the stature of the United States in the free world; Engage in criminal activity and appoint criminals to his administration to implement his agenda; Implement 'legislation' that threatens the life blood of the United States' business and investing.
This is a tragedy that Greece never thought would occur in such a huge porportion.
Obama is unique; Unique in the sense that he is worse than anyone could have ever imagined would occupy the White House and cause so much damage to the very country that gave him the opportunity to become what he has become.
His sycophant media cannot possibly cover up this travesty, and he shall live in infamy in history, no matter what the outcome from his failed attempts to organize America in his vision.

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