Sunday, November 21, 2010


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The MSM is obviously AFRAID to ask any pertinent questions that would shine a bright light on the Obama Regime, and embarrass them in any way; They have probably been threatened to report as they do, or else.
It’s looking more like the main focal point of this incompetent Regime and it’s bootlicking media, is ‘Chaos Theory’; Stir things up, create crisis and chaos wherever possible, take advantage of any crisis, chip away at the citizens rights and privileges, and humiliate and demean the populace until they seek HELP FROM THE GOVERNMENT; The same government (Regime) that has caused the turmoil in the first place.
It’s called “job security” and is an old, old union tactic that cripples companies and businesses. Even this corrupt MSM can’t hide the history of these facts. (And doesn’t Obama act more like a union boss than a President? If he was the least bit successful at his chosen field of 'Community Organization', why have we not heard stories of this success?)
And yet to be announced by the ’safest, most politically correct, and globally secure’ TSA Agency to guard against any rectal explosives being smuggled onboard any U.S. flights;

“You’ll need to stop eating solid foods the day before your scheduled flight, and start the colon preparation the evening before the TSA screening procedure. You must take a substance that triggers bowel-clearing diarrhea. Exact instructions will depend on the bowel prep selected, the time of your TSA screening, and any prior experience you’ve had with colon preps (if one didn’t work before, you’ll just have to try a different one). Any travelers that have not used these procedures must report to the enemata station.”
KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY; Because this Regime will enact some form of Martial Law before it is overthrown. Of course, it will be labeled something like "Peoples Protective Services", "Dept. of American Peoples Protective Agency", but, bets are in that it will happen. And there will be a diktat by the "Regime Leader'; 'It shall be manned by AFSCME Members only', thereby using local soldiers instead of any federal employees/soldiers that would qualify the move as use of 'Martial Law'.

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