Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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I do not see the Democrat Party, nor anyone in Congress, Independents and Republicans included, that intend to downsize their powers in any shape or form. They have the Senate Bill S510, the 'Food Safety Act', that grants them more rampant authority to regulate/tax/terminate/fine small growers of food stuffs in the United States. This bill is on the floor for vote today.
As per Michael Greer at American Thinker, it's the ObamaCare for the FDA.
Legislators like Charles Rangel have lived in the realm of corruption, for so many years, they do not believe they are subjects of the same laws that apply to the unwashed masses they represent. And they are not too far wrong. If any one of the readers here were found guilty of any of the felonies Rangel was found guilty of, we would receive prison sentences and fines.
It's going to take a radical Conservative like Chris Christie, or Sarah Palin, to overturn the frenzied attack these legislators have endorsed on OUR Constitutional Government.

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