Sunday, November 11, 2012


America is fast becoming the most up to date version of the old Soviet Union. Taking a close look at the latest developments in American government one can see a trend toward a "union" style of management, where all occupants are conscripted members, and pay dues whether they wish to or not.
This "union" will determine what is necessary for daily and lifelong subsistence, and the "members" will pay whatever "dues" are determined "fair" by the government leaders in Washington, D.C. This philosophy has such foresight it can charge membership to occupants not even born yet.
What a philosophy!
These "governors" are so greedy, they are levying taxes on the offspring of all occupants, and use these funds for their current spending projects!
Just think about that for a moment; They are spending money they may have a possibility of collecting, but they are not completely sure they will collect it.
Anyone with the most basic money handling skills can see a problem here.
The "fiscal cliff" that everyone has heard about is fast approaching. This entire philosophy will be discovered to be nothing but a juvenile attempt to rob anyone perceived to be affluent. 

And of course, there are members of this "union" that believe this is all for their benefit. Enough of these "believers" have turned out to elect the leader of this philosophy to a second term, so he can fine tune this philosophy.
"The Life of Julia" is a prime example of their intended goal, and they are proud to publish it.
If you are not scared yet, just wait a few months. Reality has a firm grip, and won't let you escape.
For a follow up article, see "Why I Despair", by Charles C.W. Cooke, by clicking this article title.

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