Friday, April 6, 2012


Where is the call for discretion from those whom have the loudest voices in the media or the highest offices in the land for a confrontation and shooting in Sanford Florida that resulted in a death of a young man?
Nowhere to be found. Not a peep. Not even any addresses of caution to the over-reactions of the "aggrieved".
Even after retracting statements, retracting videos, and attempting to replace the original statements and videos, there has not been any condemnation of the Nazi tactics employed by the race hustler industry or the media.
This is a travesty which illustrates the complete corruption of both the highest office holders in the land, and the media that have knowingly published this fraudulent testimony.
This incident, and it's aftermath, clearly emphasize what can be expected from this media and the regime it supports.
"Wag The Dog" theory has been cited by many, and that seems to be the case.
Since there are no calls for intellectual deliberation from this regime, they must have some reason for not addressing the problems;
They lust for this type of dissension to foment into a crisis that requires government intervention.
After all, isn't it through government intervention that they have displayed their most competent expertise? Isn't it through government intervention and oversight that they have "saved" Genaral Motors and many other industries? Is it not the President that castigates the Supreme Court, and threaten the Justices that dispute his authority?
They have examined their options, and determined that a good level of civil disorder is what is required for them to intervene and distract the nation from the criminal activity being employed, daily, by this regime in Washington. They have already exposed their intention to stand by and let terrorism be displayed at polling places by "their people".
All their actions, to date, should be evident what activity they will condemn, and which they will exploit for their convenience.
I am not the only one voicing this theory.
I can only hope I am proven wrong, and America will not be imprisoned for another four years by a totally hostile government intent on condemning America to death and raping it of all it's prosperity.
If this regime is granted one more chance to implement their totalitarian directorate, America becomes nothing more but another nation taken to destruction by a corrupt government.
The effects to the United States, by an incompetent and corrupt regime, may even cause the demise of the entire planet.

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