Saturday, November 1, 2008

OBAMAS NEW SUIT (still empty)

Why don't you give your teenage kid all your credit cards, check book, and keys to the family car and send them to the mall for a shopping spree?
I'll ask the same question of you about electing someone to the highest office in the U.S. How can you give all the credit cards, check book, keys, and authority to start a world war to someone that has never had any credible authority or shown any credible authority in recent history?
Because they are a good speaker? Good speakers do not necessarily make good governors; Take Hitler, Castro, Amadinejad, Chavez, Kim Jung Il, Arafat, for instance. Sure, the American Dream is attainable, but do not expect some one to come along and bestow it upon you. Ask any one whom you believe to have attained the American Dream. You'll find it has been achieved through much toil and financial trial and error. And the toil has to be maintained.
And since the credit score is such a valuable asset, what do you think Obamas credit score is? We should know this since it is used by most employers for employment these days.
When you get down to the facts, you'll probable know less about Obama than you do a neighbor that lives one block away.
If you follow the news media and believe what they are promoting (and not telling you), then you are prone to consider your vote as frivolous as they do their opinions. Journalism was a respected occupation when I went to college. But today it is used as a weapon to gain favor over its perceived adversaries.
We are both engaging in journalism at this moment. But, unlike other journalistic articles, debate is open here. Comments are welcome and will be responded to.
Partaking of life in The United States is a journey of education and growth. Our founding fathers have laid the ground work for what we have today. But, we need to continue to defend and protect our way of life and liberties through these refined methods. And this is not a frivolous pursuit.

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