Monday, November 3, 2008

Obamas Audacity is really Unmitigated Gall

Can you believe what you've been hearing and reading about this "Presidential Candidate? He is convinced the U.S. Constitution is basically flawed and has a "blind spot" placed into it by the founding fathers! And he will create legislation to "correct" it! If this doesn't convince you this man is a radical who has been schooled by radicals and continues to associate and ally with other radicals, nothing will. (And Congress is trying to prove how radical it is on a daily basis.)

This man is worse than the Manchurian Candidate whom was psychologically programmed to assassinate high ranking government officials; Obama will create so much confusion in our government, that we will be guaranteed war from within and with other governments. The recent, and continuing, global financial events clearly indicate how much influence the U.S. financial market has on the world markets. The world does not realize what a disaster Obama would be for them.

Yet some of Obamas supporters DO realize. There are enemies of the U.S within the government that seek to undermine the U.S. with whatever means they can implement. One of their methods is to have more and more money flow through the government which enables them to skim off more for themselves and their cronies. And there are Obama faithful that welcome a war from within the U.S. They have been calling it the "revolution" in their churches and communities for decades.

As long as Obama has been campaigning, people still do not see through his double speak and outright lies.
Racism is the least of our worries with Obama. He will be an unequaled disaster for the U.S. and the world at large.

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