Thursday, December 10, 2015

By now We The American People have endured from Obama himself: 
EXCESSIVE TAXATION, well beyond the Boston Tea Party percentage; 
DESERTION (Benghazi); 
HIJACKING of The American Justice system (Obamacare; taxation redux); 
REFUSAL to respect the obligations of The OATH OF OFFICE (executive orders for immigration); 
CONSORTING and FACILITATING AN ENEMY (Iran, and importing and dispersing countless unregistered muslim refugees throughout America); 
PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT OF THE PRESIDENT in AGITATING ETHNIC DISCONTENT ( Gates arrest in Cambridge, Mass.; Ferguson, Mo.; Boston, Ma.; Zimmerman sortie in Sanford, Fl. etc, etc, etc.);
Refusal of Congress to comply with their oaths and responsibilities to protect and defend American Constitutionally protected rights and privileges, thereby disenfranchising ALL American citizens.
WHAT is it really going to take for the next “Tea Party”?
Does Obama have to come to your house, rape and brutalize your wife, daughter, and family pet, while the Secret Service restrains you while taking videos and providing Obama's protection?

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