Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama's the Gelding!

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Obama's parading around the world, displaying himself as the gelding he really is. And displaying his administrations inept basic mathematical skills:
If a missile leaves Tehran bound for Tel Aviv at 1:00, with a speed of mach 2.8, and a missile leaves a U.S. destroyer at 1:05 at a speed of mach 2.8, it will not make any difference what the distance required to travel is for the U.S. missile, because Tel Aviv will be vaporized before the U.S. missile gets launched. Then you have another missile flying around searching for something to destroy. What could go wrong? And this is giving plenty of advantage to the decision making ability of the Obama administration, which we already know isn't any where near this resolute.
Yea; Obama's mettle comforts the foolish.
What puzzles me is; Why are these people so hell bent on destroying the very establishment that enabled them to attain their current status? Are they expecting 70 virgins, or what?

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