Thursday, August 27, 2009


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Does any one recognize a steadfast march to communism? Obama wanting a "civilian force" with the budget of the U.S. Military; Obamas top cop threatening the military intelligence unit (CIA); Obama appointing czars to bypass Congressional approval for a Cabinet Post; ACORN in charge of Census; ObamaCare being shoved through regardless of the cost or opposition; IRS in charge of enforcing ObamaCare; Another Czar appointed by Obama to administer ObamaCare; Spending FAR outpacing income taxes (this will change); Puppet in Justice Dept. drops charges of voter intimidation by BLACK PANTHERS, but takes up investigating individuals with Swiss Bank accounts; Obama supporting investigation and prosecution of "rich people" for the purpose of redistributing their wealth; Congress can't wash Obamas feet fast enough; Everything turns into a CRISIS; Congress IGNORING "We The People";
EVERYTHING is centralizing around Obama and his so called czars.
Looks like the goose-step; Smells like the goose-step; Feels like the goose-step; Do ya think?

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