Saturday, July 18, 2009

Conceal/carry Gun Accidents.

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Sure; Training and certificates are good, but don't eliminate stupidity.
There are guns made that have built in safety features that prevent any firing without these safety features engaged by the user. These have been successfully used by law enforcement which have a perfect record for safety to date. And safety features that prevent the attempted firing by the uneducated user. Thus saving accidental injury and deaths.
If I had my concealed weapon on me a bathroom stall, and a shot came at me from the adjacent stall, I'd probably take a few shots at the stall the shot came from. Concealed carry permits you to fire back. Answering lethal force with lethal force.
I wonder how many of these scenarios have been responded to by the police? And probably written up as drug related gun fights.
As with drivers training, pistol and revolver training needs to be completed. A person who applies for a conceal/carry permit should prove proficiency in handling and actually firing the weapon they want to carry. (Yea; More laws.)
All we need is one more law that says "If you need to be informed about everything that could hurt somebody or yourself, then you don't get any privileges."
(Can you see the media and the Liberals screaming?)
They say guns kill people; Well, mine must be defective; Because they've never killed anybody.

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