Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Presidential Education!

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Anyone with the power of observation, (those educated in the private sector, overseas, or home educated), can see the failing of the public education system of the United States, in the most shining, flamboyant example of Barack Hussein Obama. And his following, the media (educated as same); his worshipers, (educated as same), and others that seem to worship him because they think he has a "gift"; (himself included).
This evidence, to anyone whom has been educated to criticize and evaluate, like a scientist or engineer, speaks loud and clear that the future of the United States, in the hands and under the power and influence of these incompetents, is in severe jeopardy.
There is nothing more stunning or awakening that can take place, with the people in power, that indicates a severe change in the security of the future for the people involved.
Anyone, with the resources to read these words, has the easiest medium at hand, to investigate, to their hearts content, the truth to this premise.
With leaders and worshipers, as we now have in the United States of America, the United States of America is doomed to be treated with little respect, by our allies, and taken advantage of, by our enemies, since we appear, and are displaying, a soft, vulnerable, foolish, naive belief, that the world is really a friendly place.

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