Friday, January 9, 2009

What is Islam trying to Accomplish?

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Any one who wants to see Islam as it really is, can find out with just a few clicks. If you are one that does not want to make the effort to investigate what Islam truly is and blindly believe it's tenets, you are indeed, in trouble.
1. Is there anywhere in the world where Islam is living peacefully?
2. Is there anywhere Islam is making any attempt to assimilate?
3. Is there anywhere where Islam is welcoming anyone into a civilized dialogue?
4. Is there anywhere Mohammedans are taking overt action against any violent factions?
5. Is there anywhere you can illustrate that Islam is trying to converge with "modern civilization and societies"?
6. Are there any Mohammedan factions that do not try to brainwash, indoctrinate, and victimize their faithful, sons and daughters?
I view Islam like a weed; Ancient and unalterable. It even puts out a flower to make itself look attractive, but this flower is only for the purpose of propagation. Like all weeds, it has to be controlled and sometimes eradicated. Even when you think it has been eradicated, it finds it's way back.
Authors Bernard W. Lewis and Robert Spencer have done extensive research and writings on Islam and it's teachings, and are two of the best sources available.
Karl Marx called "religion" the "Opiate of the masses". No one can deny that Islam is trying to live and die to prove this.

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