Sunday, December 21, 2008

In regards to global warming alarmists;

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Since there have been so many agencies and authorities cited with such a variation of results and opinions, as well as political agendas, I had to reply with my evaluation; Indeed simplified, but arguably true.
The “Authorities” have been subjects in our so called education system and taught bias by biased professionals; They then work for agencies and firms that have their agenda for profit; These professional authorities then program the computers and take polls with the end results predetermined. If your employer doesn’t practice the agenda you like, find another employer who does, or start your own business that can implement your desired agenda. And then you find a sympathetic legislator that will direct federal and local funding in your direction. (Indeed, this applies to many other articles, but, since there are so many authorities and agencies cited here, it applies.)
I am aware of the educational bias by way of personal interaction with family relatives that were the biased professionals of whom I speak.
Any authoritative treatise should be examined with vigilance taking into consideration the possible end results desired by its authors.
Even my own.
We the People are still subjects of some ones agenda, but we still do have a secret ballot and a few liberties left. There are too many subjects with direct influence on our daily lives that cannot be mastered by any one individual. Each individual has to sift through the information provided and determine their own course of action or inaction. The most detrimental authority to us all, is being subject to a charismatic jurisdiction; i.e. The incoming presidential administration.

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