Sunday, October 12, 2008

Congressional Global Integrity.

Pelosi and the pathetic Democrat Congress are a bigger failure than George Bush, whom they keep bashing. Congress has a lower approval rating and a lower success rating than George. When it came to a critical decision point, (the financial meltdown), Congress choked, but was forced to a plan that, so far, hasn't done a damn thing, but create more instability. Look at the crap that was added to the final bill! This Congress cannot be in session one day without taking a shot at George Bushes kneecaps!       
Any rational person in the U.S. can see that the global rating of Congress is just as bad. And they want to put somebody such as Barack Obama in the White House! WHAT A JOKE! Obama has the same regard for the U.S. as Kofi Annan. The global integrity of the U.S. will reach a new low and may not recover. Need I remind you that we have experienced "sleeper cells" in the U.S. before. And I pose it to you that ACORN is as close as you are going to get to a "sleeper cell" taking its toll on our Constitution. 
Congressional actions demonstrate they are not wanting to listen to "We the People". This should illustrate that coming events shall be more of the same incompetent, partisan, and costly legislation.
 There have been revolutions, in our history, over much less. And a revolution is warranted at this time by the conservative activists of the U.S. 
These articles are meant for just that purpose. If the Democrat(Socialist) Party gets any more power, this very  "absolute privilege" shall be under attack.

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