Friday, August 7, 2009

What The People Want?

What more proof does any one need than what’s being displayed now by the Obama Mafioso, that they will do things their way regardless of what We the People want.
At this point in this conflict, the only thing missing is battered citizens and dead citizens that dare to confront these commies. And with the orchestrated efforts of the main stream media pouring out the propaganda for them, the U. S. looks more like Georgia than the United States of America.
Maybe those Russian subs are just confused by the politics, censure, propaganda, and lies taking place here on a daily basis. Looks like Georgia getting rowdy again.
Didn't something like this happen in Iran in the recent past? The party in power and the media covered everything up just like they're doing here, now! But, what government will condemn this action? Apparently not ours!

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