Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Obama says the Post Office doesn’t work; Schumer says Medicare will be broke in the next few years; The U.S. Government administers these offices and programs as well as Social Security; How many years have they had to make these programs work? And these guys think we are foolish enough to believe they can manage a health care program?
This is more than insanity; It’s downright STUPID! If anything, the people of the United States should be on a steadfast campaign to reverse this trend, and reduce the size of the government to bring Congressional powers back to the limit that the Constitution constrains their powers to be. If this is undertaken, then America can return to the nation it has been in leading technology through individual innovation and reward. If not, then the people of the United States shall live under the umbrella of the Government that shall strangle them and their descendants to death at a very slow pace.

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