Monday, August 10, 2009

The Apology for Whom?

So; The gifted one is going around the planet, apologizing to anyone who will listen to his drivel. Question; Is he apologizing for the Indians, Eskimos, Mexicans, and pilgrims that fought for this country from the beginning? I seriously doubt it.
And The Prince of Incompetence wants to "give the country back to it's rightful owners". My guess is, he does not mean the Indians, Eskimos, Mexicans, nor Pilgrims that fought for this country.
And like all the other wonderful statements The Prince of Incompetence makes, no one challenges him on what he really means; Just lets people go about their warm, fluffy daydreams.
So, lets be honest; He's apologizing for the White Mans ability to overcome poverty and pestilence, war and famine, and create a revered industrial complex, second to none on this earth.
And "rightful owners" means the individuals in this society, today, that still believe welfare is the way to personal wealth.
All you have to do to display the proof to these statements, is listen to what he has said in his first six months in office, and what he has done with his use of the white people under his influence.
As you can see, he's stirring up racial tensions, again, in a way that hasn't been seen for 30 years.
So, if anything, he's no messiah; the reverse may be asshat.

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