Sunday, August 9, 2009

The New Crusade!

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Yea; It is looking bleak. The largest group of lying thieves EVER in Congress; And a media just as full of lies and deceit as the current administration; Passing(?) (ramming through, unilaterally) legislation(?) (ultimatums) that is more costly, raises taxes, and does not comply with the overwhelming opinion of the electorate; And we aint seen nothing yet. These lying thieves are going to start attacking the freedom of the press next, to attack the freedom of speech from the flank. You have already witnessed how they will attack, blaspheme, ruthlessly investigate, and denigrate individuals and families, whom have nothing but a disagreement with their ideas. Really low, but, they’ll get lower to accomplish their ultimatums.
Are these goons getting counseled in this strategy from Russia? The Taliban? Kim Jong Il? Can’t be too far off.
Don't hear too much about Hugo Chavez in the news; Must be he is too stunned by the news he's witnessing coming from our Congress!
And what bargaining chip did Clinton use in N. Korea? Knowing the sleazy backgrounds of both of these perps, narrows that down.

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