Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How Secure Is Our Congress?

With the outright and blatant leaking and publishing of security details of the United States CIA, FBI, and other clandestine government organizations by Congress and the corrupt state pandering media, how secure do you feel with Congress?
Do you feel these people deserve U.S. Security clearances? The people of the United States of America are being sold, (and robbed) by these Congressmen, and no one seems to really care.
When I was in the military, if an enlisted man had any unpaid taxes or made statements against the country or government, their security clearance would be revoked, and they would be further scrutinized as a security threat.
What does it take to get people to realize the grave circumstances we face, if this activity is not stopped? Continuing this practice will result in another disaster like "9/11", only on a larger scale. So, when this happens, what will the Prince of Incompetence in the White House apologize for?

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