Tuesday, July 21, 2009

U.S. Main Stream Media Promotes Obama's Socialism.

The MSM in the United States is totally corrupt and operating in compliance with the Socialist Movement of Barack Obama. If they haven't written or published any comments on the subject in question, it is solely because they are too busy attacking Conservatives any where they find them, or the Conservative Ideals. This MSM in the United States is completely irresponsible for reporting the NEWS; They only report what Obama's Socialist Movement wants them to report, or opinions that agree with the Obama's Socialist Movement. An autopsy on Walter Cronkite would show the propaganda of today's MSM had metastasized throughout his body and was eating him alive from the inside.
If you disagree with these facts, explain why the Socialist MSM has continually attacked Sarah Palin and her family, relentlessly, from the day she entered the political scene, and has yet published, researched, or reported on Barry Soetero/ Barack Obama and his birth certificate or passport usage when he went to Pakistan or Somalia. How can anyone with a background like this get a security clearance? Apparently a security clearance is not needed, any more, for members of Congress or the President of the United States.
Congress or Obama get immediate publication or responses from their Media at their slightest whim.
(And the billions spent on attacking and smearing Joe the Plumber, a typical blue collar, caucasian American voter.)
The MSM in the United States is NOTHING BUT AN EXTENSION OF THE DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST MOVEMENT IN THE UNITED STATES. This Socialist MSM has spent billions on this attack machine, and continues to spend billions on continued attacks on the Palin family.
Citizens and their blogs are tasked with the research and reporting of the actual facts and news that is occurring in the United States today. And these bloggers are ignoring the Socialist Obama Media completely, or are publishing the truths that this media is trying to conceal.

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