Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture?

So, here we have a person of dubious background, being protected from scrutiny by factions of his government and media; A person whom is aligning himself with the tyrants of the world and chastising governments for working peaceably, within the framework of their own established Constitutions and borders; A person whom would be condemned by Mr. Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States (whom has appointed himself as Pontiff of Democratic Elections across the entire planet), for not displaying Democratic Principles and ignoring his oath of office and his own established Constitution; A person whom is constantly engaged in partisan politics within his own government, and ignores all protests from the opposing party; A person whom is on a clear path to establish Socialism within his own country.
This is the true, factual description of Barack Hussein Obama; aka Barry Soetero.
How many times, in your lifetime, have you heard or seen the U.S. media, United Nations, and other Democratic elected governments across the world, condemn actions and individuals identical to these?

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