Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Ethics. ETHICS!
Be prepared to protect yourself from "Ethical Attacks" from the most unethical Administration and Congress to ever inhabit Washington.
Ethics, nor any "Oath of Office", means anything to them, unless YOU are the subject of the Oath or unethical behavior.
With agencies and personnel such as the Department of Justice(?), Department of Labor(?), ACORN, teachers, police, and firefighter unions, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, John Kerry, Eric Holder, Tim Geithner, Charles Rangel, Maxine Waters, Jon Corzine, etc. etc. etc. They have already proven, beyond any doubt, that they will "bring a gun if we bring a knife". Their "Oath of Office" is honored in the same respect as the local windshield washer. THEY are going to attack US on ETHICS! And they have their "junk yard dog media" to assist them.
You'd better be prepared for a scorched earth campaign against OUR presidential candidate with every resource they can terrorize or intimidate.

One of the best things Newt Gingrich can do to prepare himself for the cage fight to take place is have Callista kick him in the gonads at the most unexpected time every morning, until he is either defeated or nominated.
And you know it is going to be a cage fight, with OUR representative in the cage, and them taking turns in the cage attacking US and OUR representative.
Newt attacking Mitt is only a small rehearsal for the street fight to come from the Obama Establishment. And if you don't think it will be a street fight, you are a total fool. Anyone not preparing for the savage attacks to come, will be slaughtered, their family and children slain, their house and barn burned, and their heirs jailed and prosecuted.
The Congo will look more like America than the United States.

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