Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Has not everyone been convinced that Obama knows nothing about economics yet? His tele-prompter economics sounds good, but is completely naive. All the worlds leaders know this.
Obama is nothing but a coin slot or card reader for the Democrat Party Machine which is in it's victory lap around the Constitution and Supreme Court.
America has the biggest dunce in the White House that they could find to accommodate the Democrat/Socialist Machine in it's conquest of the American economy. The plan is working like a charm.
Looking forward, I wonder where these predators intend to seek refuge. Obama has Kenya or Indonesia. The others will be slain like dogs in the street as the representatives of the Great Satan they have been.
These predators are proceeding with impunity, but will not escape the "justice" they will reap from the conquered masses they seem to think they have at bay.
The Muslim Brotherhood will put exorbitant prices on their heads, and the entire world will be energized with anticipation of collecting the rewards.
It's truly amazing that these predators seem to believe they are above reproach for their cannibalism. Oaths of office, ethical and moral obligations mean nothing to this gang of mercenaries. Thankfully, the world works in a more just fashion. Vicious deeds do not go unpunished. Gaia maintains a balance no one can obstruct.

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