Thursday, November 17, 2011


Obama is now in the final act of his performance, and is singing his swan song. It is meant to elicit pity, for that's all the appeal he ever had.
He has performed from the beginning, as a swan, with much aplomb and support from a fawning press.

This communist press has finally come to life recently, and has engaged in the activities they are conscripted to do for the Obama "regime". They have begun the attack campaigns against the opposing Presidential candidates. They have devoted their entire resources to exhuming anything that could be considered embarrassing to these candidates. And they have embellished whatever facts they found to make them even more salacious.
Salacious sells, as the Communist Media of America (CMA) has discovered. Without the salacious details in every report, their readers would not have enough imagination to envision any ideas other than the printed images on the page. With the Democrat Party in power in the Congress and the White House, the CMA can practically retire to a beach in the Virgin Islands for the duration, and occasionally write an article that resembles a report which indicates there has been a little effort put into research.
Once the Republicans take the majority in Congress and the White House, they are forced into their chosen professions, to perform similar to a professional. And this irritates them to the point that every report drips with indignation.

The "Occupy" protesters in every city are there for the purpose of creating enough chaos to overwhelm the local police, and require enlisting the National Guard to reinforce the local police.
This action was always been suspected about this regime, since the regime leader (Barrack Obama) has always hinted that he intended to authorize martial law to establish his supremacy. The corruption, now being uncovered by members of Congress and the Conservative media, indicates that funds from the Democrat Party have been channeled to these "protesters" to finance their operations.
In short, it's a jihad against America by the Democrat Party Cell that has been working underground for many years, preparing for the eventual overthrow of the Republic from within the government. Many have written of the intended imposition of Martial Law from this regime. The organized protests now taking place have only to introduce a few pistols and assault rifles into their camps to cause the stimulus needed for Federal action. This would satisfy the Obama Regimes ultimate desire to remove the glove from it's iron fist.

The price America has paid for this abysmal performance surpasses any terrorist attack or war America has ever engaged in. And America will have more payments to make after the swan has died.

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