Wednesday, October 20, 2010


One thing I've noticed about Obama is his total lack of reverence for anything. And this includes anyone of greatness, or any great idea of anyone else, but himself.
It's quite apparent he does not hold much of anything or anyone in high esteem. He does not go to church any more; He does not come to the rescue of any of his close associates or friends; It appears that he really has no friends.
He is a complete disaster for the first black (half black) man to be elected to the Presidency. He has no great vision for himself or the Country in which he is the Commander in Chief. He is more like a poster boy for the Equal Opportunity Legislation implemented years ago, and allowed to degenerate into the 'bash whitey' Clubs they have become today.
And yet Obama bashes the very country and system that enabled him to come from the ill-bred background he has come from, and succeed to the level he has acquired today!
This is the height of impudence and petulance.
How can anyone expect anything of greatness from such a poor man?

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