Friday, September 24, 2010


People are constantly bickering about 'Obamunism' and it's true roots. It's communism, pure and simple, only with a new name; 'OBAMUNISM' is precisely what it is. Does anyone doubt the legacy he wants to leave the United States with?
I'll spare you the boring details of the mirage of wealth redistribution taking place, and the efforts to implement more of it, by Obama, on a daily basis.
Look at it this way; The Democrat Party, and Obama, are severely mistreating their electorate, and using their constituents as pawns in class warfare, by short sighted legislation, such as the 'Equal Housing' statutes.
Simply put, they are requiring somebody with money, to lend money to anyone, without verifying that they have a job, or any skills to get a job. AND, they are telling the lenders that they are not allowed to investigate the borrowers background to determine if they are a good credit risk. These poor borrowers are charged maximum interest rates on their loans, also.
That is the same as requiring all U.S. Citizens to buy stocks on Wall Street, and not check the status of the company selling the stocks.
The real problem is, the Democrat Party knew that these plans would fail. And when they failed, they would shift the blame to the lenders, whom are regulated from even speaking about the travesty forced upon them. And the borrowers are so far in debt, that they fail to see how they are being used.
This is the ultimate plan of 'class warfare' described under the definition of 'communism'.
Under 'Obamaunism', this class warfare is even given more definition by stirring up ethnic warfare.
And you will be given a good demonstration of this intended warfare, during the next election cycle.
I hope I'm here to witness the collapse of 'Obamunism', as communism collapsed in Europe, due to the failure of communism to live up to it's promised financial rewards for the 'people'. A recent, and continuing bit of 'Obamunism' legislation, is the 'stimulus' (or whatever it has been renamed). It was pushed through as fast as possible to hide the fact that it would be used at the discretion of the Democrat Party as their war chest. This war chest is intended to buy constituents, influence the electorate, and further hoodwink the voters.

And here's further evidence of their deceit and corruption at this link:

So; Where's the difference between communism and 'Obamunism'?

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