Friday, October 22, 2010

THE END OF NPR (hopefully).

NPR has been an active arm of the Democrat Party for decades. And their tax exempt status has garnered them many liberal contributors, and is fraudulent.
But their firing of one of the stars of NPR, will backfire on them, and bring many 'reasonable' NPR members to realize how biased and lopsided they are.
Juan Williams was hired by NPR as a 'news analyst'. And his analysis of the suspicion fliers feel when they see muslim passengers in full traditional garb is completely accurate.
With their tradition of praying five times a day, calling on Allah during a long flight is highly probable. And when they are calling on Allah, how can you tell if they are NOT trying to commit suicide, and take out all surrounding 'infidels' with them?
Williams was fired for doing his job TOO well. Many years ago, I could see Williams playing the adversary at FOX, and looking clueless in the face of bold facts that said he was wrong. Juan has seen the truth, and has started to recognize and acknowledge it when it confronts him. Juan is becoming a leader in the black community, with a realistic and well grounded view of American life today.
Juan shall continue in his maturation, as a good 'news analyst', and become well respected by his peers for his role in bridging the ignorance gap between liberals and conservatism.

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