Saturday, April 17, 2010


The grand scheme of the Democrat (socialist/communist) party, is to;
1. Reduce education to gain leverage with the young voters;
2. Create fear in everyone that wants to try to discuss "race" in any fashion;
3. Create fear in anyone whom wants to discuss politics in any manner unflattering to the "Party";
4. Undermine all capitalist activity, and promote "dependence on government";
5. Create fear in anyone wanting to cause dissent with the "Democrat Agenda".
A good way to see how this "Party" is taking over and moving in that direction, is to read an historical account of Fidel Castro and his takeover of Cuba.
Even the Cubans are discussing Obama's agenda and the similarities with the Castro Regime in Miami, on the spanish radio stations. AND THEY ARE DISCUSSING THESE DETAILS IN ENGLISH!
The Democrat Party is extremely dangerous to the citizens of the United States, and the future of generations of Americans, whom might not even be called Americans, when this "Party" gets its agenda fully implemented.
This "party" is demonstrating just how dangerous it is, and how unilateral it wants to govern with its daily, and continued, "legislation", now that it has the "power of majority rule".
It's "power of majority rule" will not last, and they are demonstrating that they want to shove every one of their "agenda items" through, even though they will be defeated so decisively in the next elections. Attaining their "agenda" is all they do care about.
This "agenda" should be intensely illuminating to their ultimate goals and views of just how they want to "manage" America.
Looking at this situation from afar; It looks as if this administration would have communism installed completely, within the next 2 years.

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