Thursday, April 22, 2010


The enemies of the United States, internal and external, have the puppet they always wanted in B. Hussein Obama.
And with the momentum their agenda has, I believe there will be war if the Juvenile in Chief is not removed from office before the end of his term.
It's obvious they are not even trying to hide the fact, that they are moving ahead with their unilateral agenda.
The 'legislation' they are engaged in, against Wall Street, is classic criminal action based on the RICO statutes. And any financial firm that uses the 'creativity' they use for their budget projections, cost estimates, and other financial statements, would be indictable under many federal, state, and local RICO and other anti-trust, corruption, and racketeering statutes.
The entire planet has been dependent on the stability of the United States of America for decades.
When this administration gets it's agenda implemented, the entire world will be destabilized, and anarchy will thrive.
Our Founding Fathers were very aware of tyrants like these getting a foot hold in Our Government, and made provisions, in Our Constitution, for the citizens to recover their government. But, if The Citizens do not use these provisions to save themselves from tyranny, the United States shall be overthrown by a regime just like the Obama administration to empower itself.

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