Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Obama's tyrannical and totalitarian government is being hailed by all the other totalitarian governments the world over.
These other governments know they are being legitimized and supported by the most powerful government in the world.
They are reveling in the systematic dismantling of the United States Constitution, and the arrogant People that make up this nation.
When the destruction is considered complete, anarchy shall grow out of the overwhelming oppression imposed by these governments and wars shall ensue.
Many warring factions will rejoice in the carnage, mayhem, and insanity taking place, and even profit from the dismal human conditions forced upon peoples by their own governments and warring factions.
Many will rejoice in the monumental leap backwards for the human species, but not I.
My life span shall not permit me to live into this steadfast quest for primitiveness; But, I shall leave behind guides and teachings for my children, to aide in their survival for the recovery to a sophisticated society once again.

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