Sunday, January 11, 2009

Looking for Obama's new politics?

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Obama a leader? Of What? When? Leader of the Free World? You shall see how much of an embarrassment that will turn out to be. Sure, since you voted for this candidate, you think he will make your vote worthwhile. You’ll be disappointed shortly.
Having worked in the U.S. Government for more than 20 years, I’ve seen a multitude of “candidates” appointed to upper level positions that could not fulfill the requirements of the position. Like Obama, they had an impressive resume. This is nothing but an “affirmative action” appointment. His decisions are the results of a “Committee” which has been purchased specifically for the purpose of fulfilling the Democrat play book.
Obama’s no more than a puppet with a good voice. If he were a leader, he could speak without a tele-prompter and make his own evaluations and decisions. If Obama makes any decision of his own in this term, “We The People” are in trouble. He hasn’t shown any expertise in anything to date, besides public speaking, which anyone with the desire, can master at your local community college.
Obama was voted in simply because he was viewed as the least harmful of the available candidates. And, naturally, he’ll have a lot of support, because no one wants to be embarrassed.
Somewhere in Vegas they’re betting he’s a one term (if he makes it that far) selection.

(The next day the New York Times does an article on Obama being a one term candidate)

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