Friday, January 23, 2009

Any F-ing Terrorist

So; This guy bombs the Smithsonian Institute and kills seven classrooms of kids on a field day. His name Waheed Yukuk, and claims he did it because his religion says the Smithsonian is sacreligious, and his religion is Qulibism; He is arrested after a long search because he dressed as a business man in New York. He snuck into the U. S. without any paper trace, and has no country of origin;
He should be treated with the accordance of the Geneva Convention? You are patently stupid.
The Geneva Convention ONLYpertains to “Conventional Soldiers”.They wear a recognizable uniform, and other identifying material. And they will affirm that they are a national of a valid country.
Since these “terrorists” do not choose to comply with any provisions of the Geneva Convention, Thus their “Illegal” stature.
The Geneva Convention is outdated, and outmoded in today’s military engagements. Any valid government, (Especially the United States) should contrive a treatise that deals with these “illegal/unlawful combatants”. And any sympathizers should be imprisoned with them.

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